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  1. I have this same issue. If a song is the last song in a list, the "Preload Gapless Tracks" value is subtracted from the end of the song. If the value is 2.5 seconds, 2.5 seconds is subtracted from the song's end. If it's 5 seconds, 5 are subtracted, etc. If the song is NOT the last song in a list: ->If simply progressing to the next song, no noticeable issue. ->If starting a cue, the "Started cue" message pops up the "PreloadGT" number of seconds before the first song in the cue actually starts, but the current song finishes playing correctly. If "PreloadGT" set to zero seconds, none of these issues. Phone: Moto G7 Power, Android 9 PA Build: 823 Settings file attached. last.poweramp-settings
  2. I just updated to 814 from 812 and immediately started noticing auto-track-advance failures. Listened to 6 songs, 2 of them failed to advance automatically. Was listening over Bluetooth. First failure happened while phone screen was off, so I didn't see what happened in the app. The second time I was watching while it happened: The (static) seekbar went flat, and the next song's info displayed, but it did not start playing automatically. It also did NOT show the "File failed to play" sort of message that I've seen in older builds. Settings attached. Moto E4 Plus, Android 7.1.1, PA 814 last.poweramp-settings
  3. I noticed that the descenders ("tails") of letters in the artist line of the PA collapsed notification player are partially cut off for my device (see screenshots) Moto E4 Plus, Android 7.1.1, PA 803 last.poweramp-settings
  4. Thanks for taking the time to explain/share some insight!
  5. As a battery-optimization nerd, I keep track of what apps run in the background, and how much RAM they use. In PA v3, I've noticed a repeatable scenario where the PA process RAM usage skyrockets. To convey why this is a realistic issue for me, I must explain that I listen to music "freestyle", one track at a time. I think, "I'll listen to that song now," then I search for and find it. "Now that one." Search, find. Search, find. So with this "search, find" approach to listening, I've noticed that the longer I listen, the larger the PA process becomes - consistently. With my settings, PA starts out about 45-50MB. To test and illustrate how high I could get the process, I spent about 4 minutes of intentionally "search, find"-ing. I made it over 130MB, by simply accelerating the way I do a listening session. About triple RAM usage (see screenshots) I experience a similar climb when going in and out of PA settings to change/check things. If I just start a list and let it play (without "search, find"), the RAM doesn't climb much, if at all. I realize RAM usage doesn't always directly reflect battery usage... but still. Just thought I'd point it out in case this is not intentional/desired behavior for the app. Moto E4 Plus, Android 7.1.1, PA 802 & 803 last.Poweramp-settings (Many competing music apps start OUT at the 130MB-ish mark. PA is awesome - for music lovers, AND battery lovers.) EDIT: Just noticed weirdly that Wear OS went BACK in time between the screenshots... The screenshots are genuine, though.
  6. Almost every time I resume playback after pausing, there is a single, tiny pop mixed into the music a split second after resuming. It's not very loud, but definitely present. This originally happened over a Bluetooth speaker, but I just tested for it over wired headphones and got the same result. Oddly and specifically enough, the glitch often sounds more like a pop when pausing/resuming using controls on the BT speaker/headphones, but sounds more like a tiny skip when using PA's own pause/resume button. I never noticed this glitch before recently turning off "Beep" in PA's Bluetooth settings, but after turning "Beep" back on, I can definitely still hear it (right AFTER the beep), so they don't seem related. While writing this, I just noticed that the glitch is also present while manually seeking through a track (I'm using Static Seekbar). Moto E4 Plus, Android 7.1.1, PA 801 & 802 last.poweramp-settings
  7. *EDITED BELOW* Same problem - often does not advance to next track, eventually says "Failed to play" Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1. Experienced this problem in builds 799, 800, and 801, but NOT in 797. Just reverted to 797 to confirm. *EDIT* @maxmp @andrewilley As I mentioned, I reverted to 797 to confirm that the problem was not in that build. Having reinstalled 801... I can no longer reproduce the problem. Having said that, I'll at least detail how the bug panned out for me. The problem initially appeared immediately upon going from build 797 to 799. The very first track I played did not advance, and I could repeat the problem almost every time by seeking to just before the end of the track and waiting for it to (attempt to) advance. The issue continued for me through the updates to 800 and 801 without change. Although again I can no longer repeat the issue after the reinstall, I've included my settings since I do change quite a few things. If I can provide anything else for you, let me know. last.Poweramp-settings
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