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the home category needs a rework


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the home button should go to the library list by default, and when you set up the toggle feature in the library list options it should be the longpress you set up and not the home button.

it should work as a shortcut like the other navbar buttons: long press on the eq button opens the eq presets, long press on the menu button goes to the skin settings, and long press on the home button should go to the list you choose on the library list settings.

i mean, it's not consistent. i always use the skin setting shortcut, so i'm used to long press the navbar buttons for shortcuts. i got the home button toggled into the playlist list, so instead of just tap it i always long pressed it, 'cause (like the other navbar buttons) long press its for shortcuts. so there's an inconsistency with the other long press navbar buttons.

i don't know if i'm the only one who has this 'missclick' kind of problem with that feature, but i do still think it's inconsistent with the other long press navbar buttons.


thanks for reading :)

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By 'Home button' I assume you don't actually mean the device's Home button (which should go straight to your main Android homepage) but the Poweramp Library button on the left-hand side of PA's lower tool bar? If so then yes, long-pressing on that icon to go to the Library List Options screen would make sense to me too. Indeed, long-pressing on any of the Category items could also take you there, with the category name that you pressed focussed.


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yes, i mean the Poweramp home button (the four dots icon in the Poweramp navbar). sorry if it was confusing.

i really like the fact that you can set up a category to that button, but it should work like a shortcut (long pressing it) and not set that category as the new "home category"

the Poweramp home button should go always to the library list, and long pressing it should go the category you choose on the library's list options.

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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Actually if you meant it that way, I'd suggest the reverse action. Simplly tapping on the Library button should go to the user's chosen library page (after all, that's what they have specifically asked it to do) while long-pressing would goes up to the top-level Library view.

I agree, and this is what it does currently.

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9 hours ago, andrewilley said:

... because of the Who Moved My Cheese effect.

And considering how long Poweramp has been around and actively developed, this is often the case. Sometimes there is a method to the madness, other times it is just out of necessity from legacy. But if you change it now to satisfy some, you will likely cause others to get upset. So in general you stay with what you have in place already.

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