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Automatic Tag Editor for Poweramp

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Poweramp is not just a music player that includes a good audio engine, but also puts a quality user experience forward to all users.  Able to present a neat and good customized music library for each user.
 Some time ago, I gave a review on the playstore to present a visualiser feature.  And it finally here.  Thank you very much.
 Now, I would like to give a suggestion if possible. Is it possible to include AUTOMATIC TAG EDITOR feature for Poweramp?
 This automatic tag editor will be very useful for all of us who want to keep our music library tidy.  Mainly to categorize existing music genres.

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1 hour ago, coan gleny said:

This automatic tag editor will be very useful for all of us who want to keep our music library tidy.

Or you could manage your existing music library with a decent library manager and tag editing software. So when you add these files to your mobile device, Poweramp can display and browse the, as you expect.

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@coan gleny While Poweramp offers its users basic tag editing, it's not meant to be something like an auto tagger, it's a better idea to use tag editor softwares for that purpose. You can try any of these below.





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@andrewilley I have tried a couple of those auto tagger apps before and they are not that reliable to say the least. It won't recognise anything other than international hits or extremely popular english language songs, but if you want to tag local or any foreign language music, pretty much you're on your own. So you have to do it manually. I don't know if they have their own database or they have a third-party database to rely on, but it's pretty much useless most of the time.

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