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Wrong icons alignement and worse placement

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The following issue was introduced on b929 and is still present on b940 (it was not present on b908 and previous versions)

- Freq and gain buttons are not aligned horizentally

- The color and edit buttons was moved to the bottom left resulting in a larger frequency frame, the previous placement was a better location.

Here is two captures (old version vs new version b940/b908). is it possible to restore the old location or add a setting for it? Thanks a lot






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it happens the same here, last Poweramp Eq release (build-940-boundle-play), on Sony Xperia 10 III, running stock Android 12.

While the orientation is horizontal everything is OK, but on portrait mode things mess up. On Xperia 10 III this could be caused by the form factor (about 1:2)?

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