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Custom Volume Control

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Even though it does not work outside of the app it would be nice to to see the custom volume level option back in android 12. I went back to build 920 and it doesn't work if you leave the app but as long as you are on the Poweramp interface it works flawlessly atleast for me. Even if functionality is limited it is still easier to use physical buttons to fine tune volume than using the touch screen.

How about if the long press volume key option can be used to call the Poweramp interface instead maybe and then use custom volume levels in the interface.

This is the device info if it helps:

Device: samsung samsung SM-M215G m21ins exynos9611 "exynos9611" m21 SP1A.210812.016.M215GDDU1BVCC [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi]

Plus this app when used together with Poweramp gives back the complete custom volume level as was in android R.



That's why I'd like to keep the functionality at least.

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Custom volume levels are disabled for Android 12 as Android 12 doesn't have this feature anymore, but you can increase number of volume levels via Samsung's SoundAssistant app (Change step volume option, when set to 1 => this is 150 levels of volume). Poweramp supports this feature automatically.

This is about volume levels, but you also mentioned volume rocker long press - this is a separate feature and it requires additional permission, but still works in Android 12.

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Steps to recreate this:

To get it to work a build <=920 is needed.

1. Install an older build of Poweramp.

2. Install volume styles.

3. Setup accessibility settings and basic setup for volume styles. Make sure it works.

4. Open Poweramp, enable DVC(otherwise erratic controlling behaviour when screen is off)

5. Enable emulate media stream(otherwise some volume key presses are not registered at random)

6. Enable custom volume levels.

Also the phone should be unlocked before you plug wired or wireless audio devices for this to work.

Now volume control should work with desired number of steps as long as screen is on. Even on the lockscreen it works.

When screen turns off original volume steps are followed. On devices with always on display this is not a problem as long as aod is always on.

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