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  1. Hey @maxmp can you please add like button to notification pannel and also please add button to like multiple songs at a time from list
  2. Poweramp is the no1 music player ,we all know, it has everything beautiful from ui to audio engine but one major thing it lacks is Advance backup and restore functionality... please add features to back up everything like songs rating, custom album art, visualiser rating, settings, custom playlist etc
  3. Good update.Thanks @maxmp..but buttons mainly play/pause button is too large...It was very good in 790..
  4. Please make songs title and other tags in player screen ROUND just like like and dislike button
  5. I think it should be optional - i.e. when you download & choose new cover art for one song, PA should prompt you to see if you also want to use it for all the other songs in the same album, not apply it automatically. please contact max mp about this..
  6. All these album arts are emeded with song,they are not downloaded by Poweramp...i installed Poweramp from from playstore it shows different album art for individual songs although in player screen only...but in new 790 it shows one album art for each song.........mean while i edited the tags manually and give different genire to different songs now Poweramp is showing different album arts
  7. but all the songs have their own album art still they are folowing one album art ... please see this video powramp video.mp4
  8. I changed album art for a song that is embded with the song and this album art now changed all the album arts of list as well as player screen
  9. But in 704 different songs show different album art in one album of course in player screen
  10. But Poweramp Alpha 704 shows different album art for different songs in one album. It is the new 790 release which doesn't shows
  11. All songs in an album are showing one album art both in list and player screen instead of there own album art
  12. Discussion through this forum is very difficult to understand and everything.Many app developers are using Google+ community to interact with users. I think it will be much better and easier to use Google+. Another good idea is please create a telegram channel which is a one way communication between developer and user for providing updates about app and other information. OK,I think you will think about it.
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