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Found 6 results

  1. Even though it does not work outside of the app it would be nice to to see the custom volume level option back in android 12. I went back to build 920 and it doesn't work if you leave the app but as long as you are on the Poweramp interface it works flawlessly atleast for me. Even if functionality is limited it is still easier to use physical buttons to fine tune volume than using the touch screen. How about if the long press volume key option can be used to call the Poweramp interface instead maybe and then use custom volume levels in the interface. This is the device info if it helps: build-920-bundle-play Device: samsung samsung SM-M215G m21ins exynos9611 "exynos9611" m21 SP1A.210812.016.M215GDDU1BVCC [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi] Plus this app when used together with Poweramp gives back the complete custom volume level as was in android R. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tombayley.volumepanel That's why I'd like to keep the functionality at least.
  2. The volume control is limited to 15 steps since updating my Samsung Galaxy S10 to Android 12. Can this be fixed?
  3. Starting from the previous build (920) I began having a storage access issue. I could not find music in my music folders. I also could not export my playlist to local storage. Clearing the cache, storage, uninstall, reinstall, all have no effect. I can listen to a file if i attempt to open it in another app and choose Poweramp at the popup, app chooser. I've uploaded my logs to the email address in the app. Anyone else with a similar experience?
  4. Hi guys. Android 12 introduces a major refresh to the operating system's Material Design language branded as "Material You", which is all about beautiful, colors and animation, and a new style, my question is will Poweramp update its UI to material you? I'm hoping that the dev @maxmpwill update Poweramp according to material you design. Also it would be cool to see ui elements accent changing according to the album art since Android 12 is a aesthetic update. Thank you.
  5. Poweramp build number: build-911-arm64-play [911004-cb218340] Device model: Google Pixel 4a 5g Android version: 12 (SPB4.210715.011) Steps to reproduce: 1) Open Poweramp 2) Press play/pause many times 3) Face animations bug
  6. Will Poweramp support Android 12 style material you ui and wallpaper based monet themeing. I am using Android 12 beta at the moment and I feel material you is much better,silky and more material elements and elements getting colored automatically from wallpapers. Atm some apps like gboard support monet themeing. It literally feel very beautiful. I hope Poweramp dev will implement material you and monet themeing in Poweramp.
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