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Android 12 - not recognizing folder

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New pixel 6 pro shipped with Android 12. Strangely, I added numerous files initially and directed PA to the folder with no problem. It was only when I added new files that the problem began. PA would only recognize the new files. I deleted the new files and it now recognizes nothing.

I have done a rescan with no effect.

Thank you for your response.

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Are all of your files in the same overall folder location (and/or in subfolders of it). Don't try to use root locations or system folders (such as Download).

Perhaps temporarily remove the chosen folder from the Music Folders list (using the 'X') and then go through the Grant Access process again, ensuring that the top level music folder is ticked before you leave the Music Folders screen (no need to manually tick the subfolders, they will be selected automatically when you select the top level folder).


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Well, I did that, removed the folder and then added the folder and nothing.

So, I rebooted, deleted PA, rebooted, redownloaded PA, selected the folder again (pixel/music) and, again, nothing.

The folder shows files but PA is not recognizing them.

My guess is I'm missing something really simple.

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Pixel 6 - so no micro SD card right, just the internal storage?

How did you get those files onto the n phone originally - from the old device? My bet is something in that process was not completed correctly. Now that you have done a fresh transfer of the files from the original source, these are all good now. It will be interesting to see though what happens if you add more songs later, if it has the same effect and causes the older tracks to be unaccessible.

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All files are downloaded to a windows machine and then transferred to the phone.

The problem started, I think, when I transferred FLAC files a first for me.

I replicated these transfers and it all works fine.

It could have been something I did or a glitch in an android 12 update but not, apparently, anything in Poweramp.

Thank you for staying with me as I puzzled this out.





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