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Illogical folder selection


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Deselecting a child folder from the library ignores music files in the root of the library.

Expected Behavior

Only the music files in the child folder should be ignored while the music files in the parent folder are still included.

Steps to Reproduce

Note: the music files that are being ignored are folderless. Music > music-file1, album-folder1, music-file2, album-folder2 > album-music-file1.

Deselecting album-folder2 to ignore album-music-file1, also ignores music-file1 and music-file2 that are in the parent Music folder.

Poweramp Version


Full Version

64 bit



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This actually follows the same process that of a lot of directory tree selection systems use - my NAS backup software works the same way for example.

It's basically caused by the fact that deselecting any single subfolder naturally means that the parent folder is no longer enabled in its entirety. This means that only any ticked subfolders are enabled, nothing else. So if you added some root-level files, or even a new subfolder or two, those would not be selected either. I too would like a method to actually deselect a single subfolder, rather than only being able to select everything else.

Until a better way to select partial nested content comes along, the best solution is to not keep any files at the root level of such a folder. Instead, create a new subfolder (e.g. Misc) and put any miscellaneous files which don't belong in any other subfolders into there.

Oh, and it would be nice to have a visual indicator of when a folder's contents are only partially selected; currently the box is either fully ticked or unticked - with unticked potentially meaning some subfolders are selected but some aren't.

See also: 


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It's possible to implement the partial scan, the same way Poweramp filters out media with certain duration... It just depends on what the devs think about it. It might be trivial to work on.

Either way, it's the little things that bother the 'sane' out of me. 

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It's not just Poweramp, it's a fairly standard way of doing thing amongst programs that need to select or deselect items from directory trees.

I do agree that it would be more helpful if unticking an individual subfolder from an already selected folder should make that item a single excluded subfolder, rather than effectively turning the whole folder off apart from the remaining ticked items. That way if you did add any new folders later, they would still be included for scanning (which doesn't happen currently if you have previously deselected a single subfolder).


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