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Some bugs/issues I have experiencing since I've been using Samsung with Android 12

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a) Poweramp build 933

b) Samsung Galaxy a52s 5G

c) Android 12


1 - Music gets interrupted/hiccups every time I lock/unlock the phone with HiRes output. (while using headphones). I tried off/on ducking doesn't work. Any suggestions?

2 - Android lock screen doesn't show up. 

3 - "dvc not supported" while using HI-Res output with wired headset. Limited to 32 bit?

4 - Colorized notification don't work. Seems like the operating system doesn't allow it instead using this "media output" notification.

5 - Music don't stop after i disconnect headphones. 





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Do you use 3.5 output or Bluetooth headset?

In any case:

  1. Long press on Poweramp icon / (i) / Battery / Unrestricted
  2. Poweramp may show itself over lock screen only if you enable Settings / Lock Screen / Show On Lock Screen, but it can't cause "lock screen doesn't show up" scenario.
  3. Dvc is about volume control (so 32 sample bit width is unrelated matter here). Also there is no "dvc not supported" messages regarding 3.5 output in Poweramp (it's related to BT only).
  4. Colorization is just a flag which firmware may or may not implement. Current Android 12 Samsung OneUI firmwares do not apply colorization for media notifcation, but it can change anytime (it was supported by Samsung 11 Androids).
  5. Settings / Pause on Headset Disconnection.


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@maxmp thanks for answer

I use a wired headset.. 3.5 output.

1- Did not worked :(. 

2- My mistake. 

3- When I choose output for wired headphones says "dvc not supported" for wired headset/aux. might be something to do with the samsung variant (UHQA PCM)? On samsung settings doesn't allow to choose ATMOS because "the current source uses 32 bit".




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20 hours ago, andrewilley said:

To be honest, I think we need a more details FAQ about DVC, I'll draft a basic one up and then perhaps Max would be able to add a few device-specific notes to it too as I'm never 100% sure which specific hardware types have what issues. [Done]


That would be great. 

And the hiccups i talked about stopped since i dropped from 384khz.

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