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Equalizer - Percussions?

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I got Poweramp a few months ago and I really enjoy the attention to detail when it comes to the mixing and equalizing. However, one feature I would love to have included more in the app, is drums! When I start editing the different part, it often drown out the drums a bit.

Or sometimes the drums in certain songs could simply use some more punch or overall volume, depending on the genre. I don't know if it is even possible to implement something like this into Poweramp, but I think being able to bring more attention to the drums sounds in music is always a nice touch 🙌

- Mickey





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Drums are generally at the low end of the frequency response curve, so you should adjust the left-hand side of EQ bank as needed. There are hundreds of articles and websites on the internet giving guidance as to the frequencies needed for each drum type to give you a starting point.


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