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Can't enable DVC on LG V50 when using bluetooth

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@Martin Stolpe I guess you're about Bluetooth + DVC + possible Absolution volume. If Absolute volume detection fails for you (btw it was improved in the latest 923+ beta builds), you may need to manually disable "No DVC for the Absolute volume" option and manually enable or disable DVC for bluetooth depending on your device Absolute volume state:

- Absolute volume is enabled when by controlling volume on the Bluetooth device you also can see phone volume is "controlled" (it just shows the device volume, actually)
- Absolute volume is disabled when you have both Bluetooth volume and phone volume as 2 independent volume controls

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  • Martin Stolpe changed the title to Can't enable DVC on LG V50 when using bluetooth

@Martin Stolpe what happens when you change volume on the bluetooth device. Is it reflected on the phone (==absolute volume) or phone volume controls stay independent? 

Also, that Absolute volume detection, while reliable on the devices I have physical access to, may fail for some OEMs/firmwares I have no access to. If it is the case for your LG, just disable "No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume".

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Hey I've just found this post and could replicate the same issue with my FiiO BTR5, Just wanted to point out but it looks like MusicFX was the issue for me when enabling DVC.

Whenever I go to the DVC setting page the audio changes and plays as intended but  when I exit that same page the audio changes and becomes a bit quieter. Disabling MusicFX as I was using Wavelet before to control System-wide EQ for Poweramp seemed to fix the issue as now I don't seem to have that issue of the audio drastically changing with the DVC option enabled.

Now my setup is basically configuring a separate EQ for Poweramp and once I exit Poweramp I can switch back to Wavelet... Not sure if this is maybe a placebo effect or something is genuinely wrong from my side...?

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@AzurBarnitzke DVC will either disable system audio effects (wavelet, Poweramp Equalizer, etc.) or will fail to work (reduced volume), so using these together is not recommended. (Poweramp Equalizer is able to support own DVC, but again this is not compatible with the player DVC).

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