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Can't Close Poweramp

Spyglass Jack

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Poweramp Version: build-911-arm64-play [911004-cb218340]

Android Version: 10

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9+


When I disconnect my phone from my car after using Android Auto, Poweramp is still running in the notification area. The "X" which would typically close the app, does nothing. I have to Open Poweramp and then close it, and it will remove itself from the notification area.

Desired behavior:

Touching the "X" should remove Poweramp from the notification area per usual. Also, it would be nice if there were any option to have Poweramp simply close itself after disconnecting from Android Auto.




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I can't reproduce this behavior (default Auto and Poweramp settings) - disconnecting bluetooth immediately removes notification (Samsung S9+@Android 10). I would suggest reseting Poweramp notification and audio focus settings to defaults. If it doesn't help, please export your settings and send the file to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com - I'll try to investigate if some option causes this. Thanks!

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10 hours ago, Spyglass Jack said:

Sure, but I'm saying I don't manually disconnect bluetooth, only the usb cable. Bluetooth automatically connects/disconnects as it goes in and out of range.

How long are you waiting for BT to disconnect? Car radios are notorious for not issuing a proper disconnect on power down. This is for aftermarket and OEM radios. This could take a couple of minutes to happen.

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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

I've just tried this (Samsung Android 11) and the PA notification disappears pretty much as soon as I unplug the USB cable. It will sometimes then reappear as a paused regular Bluetooth connection if the car ignition is still on, but otherwise it stays gone.



Great, it's just me then. Thanks for your reply.

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7 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Does it stay even after you've turned the car off and thus fully disconnected?


Yes, it stays on. The X in the notification area doesn't close it. I have to open the app and close it, then it's gone.

Today I tried NOT connecting the USB, and just letting the bluetooth connect, and it didn't happen (i.e., the app was gone from the notification area).

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