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Playlist with song in new location

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Hi! I tried to find the solution with google but i didnt find anything, sorry if it was there...

I have my songs on a sdcard in differents folders. I would like to move all these songs in a new and only folder. I tried to move the location of one song but then it cannot be played from the playlist, even if i rescan, repair, ...

How could i do it without making the playlists again?

Thanks for your help


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1 hour ago, Thomasfr said:

Could i export the playlist, change the location name on wordpad, (delete it from the device?), then Import it ? Would it work?

Yes, that would work. Exporting all of your playlists to files, then editing those files as text, will work fine. You don't need to manually 'import' them again afterwards by the way, just make sure the new files are placed in a folder location that PA has been permitted to scan for music, and it will find them on the next rescan.

Poweramp's directory name matching for finding files does not work quite as you'd expect though - it doesn't need to be an absolute path, or even fully relative. And the song must exist in the scanned Music Library, PA won't look elsewhere to find additional files even if a playlist asks it to. So make sure all of your songs are in the Library first - adding any new folders as required using PA Settings > Library > Music Folders.

For a long time it was an issue when moving playlists from one device to another that the root section of the same path descriptor would not resolve correctly on multiple devices - e.g. the Windows path might be C:\Users\<username>\Music\Artist\Album\songname.mp3, while the same file on an Android SD Card might be ABCD-1234/MusicFolder/Artist/Album/songname.mp3 . To make such transpositions as seamless as possible for users, PA now only attempts to match two things to allow a song to be displayed in a Playlist - the filename and the first level of containing folder. So in the above case, first the difference between "/" or "\" is ignored, and then a match would be made with any file called songname.mp3 that is contained in a folder called Album. The rest of the path will be ignored.

So even if you move stuff around on your SD Card, as long as the filename remains exactly the same, and it is still inside a folder with the same name, it doesn't matter how else you adjust your folder structure. A Full Rescan (or Rescan/Resolve Playlists within the Playlists menu) should find the newly relocated song files.


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