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Parametric mode can not set bands freq lower than 20

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@John Titor To be fair, the same applies to sounds much above 20kHz (unless you are a dog) but people still want high-res sampling rates above 44kHz. :)

I think the question was perhaps more theoretical though - if you can equalize frequencies at multiple points below 20Hz in Graphic mode, why not in Parametric mode too? Maybe it has to do with the Q width?


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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Maybe it has to do with the Q width?

Yes equalizing 20hz frequency also impacts nearby bands unless the bandwidth is very low. But I don't think there's a point of equalizing those frequencies, they are mostly white noise and you can't even hear below 20Hz 🤭

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Indeed the equalizer's bands impact other near by frequencies... on the graphical mode when using 32 bands starting with 5Hz there are 6 bands bellow 20Hz and I personally hear a big difference when tuning those 6 bands. 

Not that I can not really reproduce my config bellow 20Hz on the parametric, but a similar bands frequencies config on parametric mode would be helpful.

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