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Fullscan incomplete with new 1 TB sd card

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Poweramp has worked perfectly on my Fiio M9 and Fiio M11 Pro with 400 GB Sandisk SD cards for more than 2 years.

However I wanted to listen to all my flac files with about 900 GBs. Therefore I have bought 2 new Sandisk 1 TB cards. 

According to my check the fullscan reads all the main and sub folders but about 20% of the songs are missing. The results are rather inconsistent because after each trial different folders are empty.

Can I examine the error reason somewhere in the Poweramp logs?

Thank you very much for your help



PS. Fiio Music is able to load all the flacs in the library but it is very slow and rather unusable after the scan. ;)


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Sounds like the access speed on the large card is not what it could be, that's the usual cause of such issues when a scan sees some files on one scan pass but not on the next try. Are the files neatly separated out into manageable folders, or are there a lot in one directory?


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The access speed for this Sandisk Ultra A1 microSDXC card seems perfect to me because the fullscan is really fast. Additionally Poweramp reads the data much faster than the Fiio Music library scan.


There is only one huge folder with 708 tracks and about 57 GBs.

All the other folders for the albums or group of albums are rather small mostly without subfolders.

I think the maximum number of sub folders for all album groups is 25 for the same number of CDs (or albums)


Can I check a Poweramp log somewhere after the fullscan?


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You can send a Poweramp log with PA Settings > Get Support > Send Log > email to gpmaxmpz [at] gmail.com, but I'm not sure how much detail about skipped files would be present if PA doesn't actually get to see them. An Android debug log (configured via Android Settings > Developer Options > Bug Report) might provide more information? 


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Ok, I have send the normal log to me and @Maxmp after installing a mail app and creating a mail account in the player.

It looks like there is a severe error with non processed files at ID 21767:

Version Info ======================
Build: Poweramp build-909-arm64-play full verified cached
Store: Website
Arch: 64
Skin: ActivityTheme_Black
Device: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. FiiO M11 Pro maestro7872 maestro7872 M11 Pro [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi]
Installer: com.android.vending (26.2.21-21 [0] [PR] 383956381)
Android: 7.0 Android/M11PRO/maestro7872:7.0/NRD90M/FiiO12301353:user/test-keys en_US

Poweramp Log ======================
--------- beginning of main


07-24 14:45:21.211 18861 21767 W ScanDispatcherService: Scan requested: folders selected com.maxmpz.audioplayer.ACTION_SCAN_DIRS
07-24 14:45:21.212 18861 21767 W RestStorages: Using foldersPref=/storage/external_sd/z-Music/ folders=[/storage/external_sd/z-Music/]
07-24 14:45:21.327 18861 21767 W FolderScanner3: Starting scan=/storage/external_sd/z-Music/ fast=false full=false
07-24 14:46:00.817 18861 18871 I art : Background sticky concurrent mark sweep GC freed 120308(6MB) AllocSpace objects, 0(0B) LOS objects, 21% free, 25MB/32MB, paused 1.242ms total 105.286ms
07-24 14:46:21.245 18861 21767 W FolderScanner3: Scanned dirs: 2485, files: 37997 in 59929ms 634.0 files per sec, 41.5 folders per sec
07-24 14:46:21.254 18861 21767 W ScanDispatcherService: Scan requested: folders selected com.maxmpz.audioplayer.ACTION_SCAN_TAGS
07-24 14:46:21.751 18861 21767 W CursorWindow: Window is full: requested allocation 151 bytes, free space 80 bytes, window size 2097152 bytes
07-24 14:46:49.580 18861 21777 E flacfile.cpp: scan SKIP maxZeroBlocksToSkip=127 blockType=3
07-24 14:46:50.657 18861 21780 E tagreader.cpp: skipped embed art due to the size=0


07-24 14:52:17.547 18861 21767 W LibraryScanner3: one more scan pass (lastId=62193)
07-24 14:52:25.805 18861 21767 E LibraryScanner3: filesProcessed=23607 != totalFilesCount=31605
07-24 14:52:25.805 18861 21767 W LibraryScanner3: Scanned and committed tags in 364434ms, files per sec 86.7, 11.530897ms per file
07-24 14:52:25.805 18861 21767 W LibraryScanner3: Processed files in 364434ms, files=31605 had unprocessed files=false
07-24 14:52:25.806 18861 21767 W LibraryScanner3: processCues in 0ms cueParseTime=0ms cueVerifyTime=0ms fileExtChecks=0 cueSaveTime=0ms cueDeleteTime=0ms standaloneCuesTime=0ms embedCuesTime=0ms
07-24 14:52:30.108 18861 18871 I art : Background partial concurrent mark sweep GC freed 168989(15MB) AllocSpace objects, 52(6MB) LOS objects, 40% free, 21MB/35MB, paused 1.048ms total 110.701ms
07-24 14:52:35.340 18861 21767 W LibraryScanner3: Scan in 373984ms fast=false
07-24 14:52:35.350 18861 21767 W LibraryScanner3: committedFiles=23607 committedCueFiles=0 totalCommitted=23607 deletedMinTracks=2 deletedCueTracks=0 preScanFilesAndEntriesCount=5759 postScanFilesAndEntriesCount=51348 tracksDeleted=false newTracksCommitted=true preScanMaxFilesId=30588 postScanMaxId=62193 touchedPlaylistEntries=5719 changedAfterFoldersScan=>true tracksChanged=>true


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Thank you very much.

Since last Saturday I have tested the app and I think I have found a workaround until the error will be fixed:

=> To force a second full rescan I've done some small changes in the selection of music folders.

=> After clicking on "Select Folders" a Full Rescan was started which means that the relevant field was greyed out.

=> According to my analysis this "Full Rescan" doesn't delete the library but reads and processes the tracks which could not be loaded yet.

Therefore I'm getting this strange looking number of about 8000 tracks as a total of this second "Full Rescan"

This workaround must be repeated until the total of these newly processed tracks will be reduced to almost zero. I think in that case nearly all tracks are processed.

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@beat8000 “Full Rescan” (further down in the library options) will delete the current database and refresh from scratch with the current selected music folder(s) each time. If you use the top option to just “Rescan” it will find any missing items and add them to the current database without deleting the found items.

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Thank you, I have just executed a complete test with

  • ejecting the SD card
  • manual Full Rescan for the library delete
  • mounting the SD card
  • manual Full Rescan for the first data load
  • manual Rescan which triggers the greyed out "Full Rescan" obviously without a library delete

Your Rescan method is faster with fewer clicks. The number of missing items is almost the same with 7998 instead of 8000

After that I have started another Rescan. Because 2000 tracks were still missing I had to repeat the processing.

Edited by beat8000
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