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Poweramp Equalizer stops processing audio after some time

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When I install Poweramp Equalizer it processes audio for about 30 minutes and then it stops doing so. Also when I restart the phone, there is no more audio processing even though it is active and everything seems fine in the app settings and Audio Processing is enabled.

I have a Samsung M30S with a built in 9 band equalizer into Android (under Sounds and Effects in Settings) and installing Poweramp Equalizer deactivates the built in EQ but after a while this is reversed. Poweramp EQ stops processing audio but the internal EQ starts working again. There seems to be a conflict.

Is there any way to force enable Poweramp EQ or to tell Android that Poweramp is the default EQ?

Btw. I have a DUMP permission granted and player tracking enabled as I use Poweramp EQ with Neutron and Tidal.

Thanky for your help!



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1. the Samsung equalizer is not related in any way to Poweramp Equalizer (it can work in parallel, it can be disabled, etc.). It won't affect Poweramp Equalizer, though parallel usage is not recommended (due to possible overloads/artefacts/latency).

2. things like "it works for xx time, but then it stops" on Android means app is killed by system because system decided app is not needed. See https://dontkillmyapp.com/samsung how to enable app not to be killed.

3. due the way equalization works on Android, Equalizer will pick up player only if player started _after_ Poweramp Equalizer (as players send equalization "request" on their startup). If Samsung firmware prevented Equalizer from start, equalization won't work until you restart player.
(This doesn't affect "Advanced Player Tracking" where Equalizer is able to pickup player playback at any time).


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1. Samsung equalizer is deactivated in my case when Poweramp EQ is active but that does not matter to me

2. Thanks that helped!

3. OK

4. When using Tidal I have a kind of fade in effect where a track starts with lower volume for a second and then becomes louder. It happens with every track. Any way to fix this?

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