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  1. Thanks for the quick response! I'd already found the button, but it's quite a fiddly process to find it. It'd be easier if there was an option so that when you pressed the EQ button in the bottom bar it took you directly to to PA EQ app. For now, I'll probably just keep the two EQ settings separate. Sadly, flipping that setting for the Bandcamp app doesn't fix the issue. I also tried the multi-session option -- no difference either. FWIW, Podcast Addict doesn't have the stutter problem, so it must be an interaction with the Bandcamp app.
  2. By the way, I also notice a short stutter at the start of each track played via the bandcamp app. Fiddling with the audio buffer sizes doesn't help, but disabling Poweramp Equalizer makes it go away. Possible bug?
  3. Hi MaxMP, First, thanks for Poweramp. It's a fantastic player that puts the fun back into digital music on the go. I tried at least 20 android apps and found Poweramp to be the best. Thank you. Today I finally got around to enabling DUMP so that I could use Poweramp Equalizer system-wide. It works great. I can finally use the Bandcamp app with an EQ. I was wondering if there is a way for Poweramp to open Poweramp Equalizer when I tap the EQ button in Poweramp? Or is this not recommended? Basically I want just one place with my EQ settings rather than two places. Thanks!
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