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  1. Hi everyone, Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I found an example of the feature that I was requesting. In Navidrome, there is a "random" button which shuffles the list, but without starting anything playing. So it's purely a browsing aid: It makes finding an album to listen to very painless.
  2. > You can do that and still have the rest of the list play another random album when that is done. Having played around with that a bit, I notice that when a random album is chosen, it also chooses a random track from that album. Is there a way to choose a random album, but play it in order, from the first track? Thanks
  3. > If that is the case, you are going to have to scroll through the Album list to start that manual choice. Yes, it's just more likely that something fresh appears near the top of the list. > You can do that and still have the rest of the list play another random album when that is done. This is neat.
  4. > What's wrong with swiping your finger down, and seeing where the list ends up? Well that's what I currently do, but I feel like seeing the list in a different order would be a more pleasing, and less biased, way of choosing a fresh album.
  5. Is that the shuffle button at the top left with two intersecting arrows? So if I'm in the albums list and I press that button, it plays a random album. I'd like to randomly reorder the album list (without starting anything playing). I still want to choose an album manually, but i don't want to see the albums to choose from in the same order every time. Makes sense?
  6. Would it be possible to add the ability to sort the album, artist, track (etc.) lists by random order? I'd like this so that when I'm browsing for something to listen to, I'm not always shown the same albums (or artists) first and other music gets a chance to be listened to. There is the question of "how frequently are the lists randomised". I'd suggest the list is re-randomised each time the user enters that screen. Perhaps there's a button to reshuffle the order of the list? Thoughts?
  7. Resetting the resampler and audio output settings (and setting the hi-res output back up) didn't make a difference, but what did was disabling DVC. With DVC disabled, and setting the ouput sample rate to 96KHz, I do now hear sound out of the DAC. However, there is still a discrepancy between the sample rates in the output chain. It looks like if you choose a sample rate > 48KHz the PA outputs at 384KHz. The other thing I notice is that the sample rate indicator LED on the device is acting odd. I've attached an image from the manufacturers documentation. My testing: - Start with the hi-res sample rate "defined by device". - Plug in DAC. Play music. Device LED is green. - Set sample rate to 96KHz. Device LED turns blue (?!). I also notice that the bit-depth automatically changes to 32-bit (in the hi-res settings). - After this, changin the sample rate to any value (including 41 and 48), the device LED remains blue (?!). This would suggest that the device thinks it is outputting at 176 or 192KHz. i.e. disagreeing with PA. Something seems wrong. Hope this helps.
  8. By the way. Is there a way to have Poweramp automatically choose the best sample rate on a per-track basis (depending on the sample rate of the file and samples rates supported by the output-device)?
  9. I found a fix: change the EQ type to parametric and back to graphic. Then the settings stick!
  10. Hi, When using a Hidizs S9 USB DAC on my Pixel 4a (stock rom) running Poweramp from play store (6th April 2021), choosing any sample rate > 48KHz causes the DAC to output silence. Changing back to 44.1 or 48 brings the music back. The sample rate colour indicator on the device changes. Any ideas?
  11. Hi there, I've noticed recently that the EQ settings are lost on track change. I'm using the 9th of July (paid) version of Poweramp from the Play store on a Google Pixel 4a (stock rom). Apparently I'm a beta tester. I tried leaving the beta, killing Poweramp and restarting. The same happens. Any ideas? Happy to provide more info.
  12. Thanks for the quick response! I'd already found the button, but it's quite a fiddly process to find it. It'd be easier if there was an option so that when you pressed the EQ button in the bottom bar it took you directly to to PA EQ app. For now, I'll probably just keep the two EQ settings separate. Sadly, flipping that setting for the Bandcamp app doesn't fix the issue. I also tried the multi-session option -- no difference either. FWIW, Podcast Addict doesn't have the stutter problem, so it must be an interaction with the Bandcamp app.
  13. By the way, I also notice a short stutter at the start of each track played via the bandcamp app. Fiddling with the audio buffer sizes doesn't help, but disabling Poweramp Equalizer makes it go away. Possible bug?
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