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  1. 1. Samsung equalizer is deactivated in my case when Poweramp EQ is active but that does not matter to me 2. Thanks that helped! 3. OK 4. When using Tidal I have a kind of fade in effect where a track starts with lower volume for a second and then becomes louder. It happens with every track. Any way to fix this?
  2. When I install Poweramp Equalizer it processes audio for about 30 minutes and then it stops doing so. Also when I restart the phone, there is no more audio processing even though it is active and everything seems fine in the app settings and Audio Processing is enabled. I have a Samsung M30S with a built in 9 band equalizer into Android (under Sounds and Effects in Settings) and installing Poweramp Equalizer deactivates the built in EQ but after a while this is reversed. Poweramp EQ stops processing audio but the internal EQ starts working again. There seems to be a conflict. Is there any way to force enable Poweramp EQ or to tell Android that Poweramp is the default EQ? Btw. I have a DUMP permission granted and player tracking enabled as I use Poweramp EQ with Neutron and Tidal. Thanky for your help! Guenther
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