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Audio buffer / shuttering

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I'm currently using Realme5Pro Android 9 ColorOS 6 with Poweramp build 905 arm6. The SQ was  different from build 835 arm32, maybe I forgot around that ver. It's way more better at build 830+ arm32 on my phone when I use the moded version without any audio shuttering when using dac (I'm using hidizs sonata hd II) and the SQ was somehow boosted and it fit my taste. When I buy the app it was disappointing from every aspect, the audio sometimes paused by itself when using dac & sound quality was reduced. Any tips how to fix it like build 830+ arm32?

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If you can, check to see if the settings and options you used previously match the new installation. Do a PA Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults first, then try different output options in that menu (e.g. Hi-Res, or AAudio). Also turn DVC on it if is currently off. Adjusting the EQ values may help too.

Unfortunately though, it's hard to do much about very subjective comments such as "somehow boosted and it fit my taste".


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