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Logarithmic volume control


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Linear volume control works strangely when it comes to controlling music volume (like 80-90% of total loudness on 50% volume). It would be nice to see logarithmic volume control option in Audio - Advanced Tweaks (and it would require us to use music levels option, I guess)

> Logarithmic potentiometers increase their resistance on a curve. At the halfway point the volume will still be moderate, but it will increase sharply as you keep turning up the volume. This corresponds to how the human ear hears.


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Android uses linear by default. But I am not sure if it's possible to implement logarithmic volume control. Custom volume levels work, so logarithmic scale might work too. Anyway, is there a specific usecase of this tweak? 


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Volume curves on modern Androids are multipoint interpolated curves which differ for the device type (speaker, bt, wired, etc) and also differ between OEMs (particularly Samsung uses own curves) - they are never linear.

Poweramp uses own curve in DVC mode, that one is close to AOSP curve. Poweramp Equalizer always uses the device curve.

While it’s possible to have very different volume levels for the player, it actually won’t be comfortable for the user as all other sounds, such as notifications, may have very different loudness which is quite annoying or even worse.

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