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Library rescans every time


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Sounds like PA is being denied permission to save its data. Do your Settings changes persist between PA sessions (especially if you force-close the app a while after exiting).

You don't mention any device details but I'm assuming this is a regular phone with a stock ROM, rather than a car stereo Android head-unit for example.


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I've had the same problem since updating my Samsung Note 20 to Android 11/One UI3. It was needing a rescan after every reboot but for some reason now (maybe an update) it's not happening after EVERY reboot, only sometimes and sometimes the library will be empty even if I haven't rebooted! Sometimes my songs are there, sometimes I need to rescan. It seems to be random.

 I saw some instructions posted by the dev in a reply to a review on the Play Store but these have not worked. I tried:

- Long press Poweramp icon, ⓘ (Info) / Permissions / Storage / Allow.. Please ensure "Remove permissions if app isn't used" is DISABLED. Alternatively (recommended): disable Settings / Misc / File Access Legacy Mode" option, then in Settings / Library / Music Folders give the new permission and re-choose folders.

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has somebody solved this?

I have the same issue, on stock firmware, Android 11

all permissions set correctly, if I go to settings, the correct folders are checked

sometimes the rescan starts automatically after a restart, sometimes the restart has to be done manually

Music files are all stored on SD card (but as said Poweramp does remember the folder locations correctly)

Complete re-install done, same behaviour


EDIT: just found the thread "S20 loses SD card access on each reboot (build 893)" maybe that helps ;)

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