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  1. you're right ....it was never a full editor or something like that, but it worked for added files go to mp3 library and select files to add to a playlist add to existing file-based playlist open that file-based playlist from the playlists and then on leaving you'll get the message "Playlist saved /storage/emulated/0/Playlists/example.m3u8" hit the rescan button and you'll get the modified playlist loaded open the m3u8 file with a text editor and you will find the added entries at the end it did never work in the same way when files were removed from the playlist in v2 (I think in v3 it did) anyway: I moved my Playlists folder to internal storage to test and then it works like described above ... so it seems the write access for SD cards is available/enabled/implemented for file access on deleting or writing MP3 tags, but not for the playlist add function
  2. I recently changed from Android 5 to Android 7 all my music and file based playlists are stored on the external SD card. Poweramp has been granted full access through the grant access dialogue and I successfully tested this with deleting a mp3 file from the SD card out of the app. I was used to sometime add/remove tracks on the playlists directly in Poweramp on the old Android device and it got saved when I exited the list ("/ext-sdcard/playlists/example.m3u8 has been saved") But now on the Android 7 this doesn't happen anymore ... any idea why? As I said, deleting a file from the external SD out of Poweramp works fine, so the write access shouldn't be the problem PS: same behaviour with v3 beta