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  1. @maxmpSo my brand new sd card that I took out of packaging just to test on your app is dying? My spare sd cards that I reformatted to test if I had the issue (still did) are corrupted even after reformatting? The sd card needs to be rescanned and the library rebuilds every time after reboot. If it was an issue with the sd card, why do I not have this problem with any other app? @andrewilleyI've reformatted 2 separate sd cards at this point and copied music back onto them just to check. Didn't change a thing. Brand new sd card out of packaging didn't solve the problem either.
  2. @andrewilley I took some screenshots last night that might help answer some of those questions. Starts with checking info/tags when starting PA, then shows the "too many failed files" message after failing to play files. Then the "doesn't look like anything to me" shows once PA scans initially and can't find the clearly mounted sd card. 4th screenshot is of what happens in the library when auto-scan is on. Last pic is of the info/tags after rescan is complete. Note: 8-digit file path is the same as when the files go missing upon reboot (1st pic).
  3. The structure is there for me with no album art and can't play until the new scan. The storage location it shows is the same in the info/tags. The tags don't contain info outside of song title until after the rescan. Changing the scanner settings don't do a thing, I already went down that road a few days ago. Samsung Music and Muzio Player have no problem resuming play/accessing songs again upon restart and the sd card does not become unmounted for a small period of time in those apps. I can access the sd card just fine upon restart going directly into storage just like @BingBadaBoom. @
  4. @BingBadaBoomAll my settings were the same. Didn't change a thing. edit: @maxmpI used both a spare (new) Sandisk Evo+ 512 gb and a spare (used before but not on S10E) Samsung Pro+ 128 gb after reformatting on comp. Issue persisted.
  5. @maxmp Yes the songs on internal phone storage are available and it seems to only effect the songs on SD card, exactly like the second video in the first post in this thread. That really doesn't help me since I have more songs than I have storage on my phone, though. I use Poweramp every single day. No 1 month breaks here. I also updated to Android 11 a couple days ago so this is a new problem. It is the newest one with the Feb security patch update included. And the "Remove permissions if app isn't used" has never been turned on by me. I have tinkered with every other permission an
  6. Legacy file access is not on, never used it before. And I've cleared the data and reinstalled the app so many times at this point that the only settings I've messed with are the ones that are supposed to (and don't) fix the issue. edit: I tried @BingBadaBoom's tip, followed by toggling permissions in the app info (settling on allowed). I then went into library settings and specifically selected the Music folder on my SD card. Upon restart, the app loaded fine with all music available without needing to be rescanned. However, after a few restarts and then changing a couple UI se
  7. I've also tried every suggested fix and nothing works. Upon restart, library fails to load and needs to be rescanned every time. Might be alright for someone with a small selection of songs but as someone with 10,000+ songs on my SD there's really no point in continuing to use the app until it's fixed. S10e user here, recently updated to Android 11.
  8. I recently updated to Android 11 and have been having issues with the library disappearing upon restart/power on of phone. None of the workarounds or suggested fixes in this thread help. The issue continues. Incredibly frustrating. Any other ideas or is this just broken now? edit: I have a S10e and see in other threads that this seems to be specific to Samsung phones recently updated to Android 11. I will be following those threads for further info.
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