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TYER tag in compilations


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What value do you use for the TYER in compilations? Do you use the year of the track or the year of the compilation? What are the pros and cons? I guess this comes down to personal preference and what's more important, sort the compilations by actual year or sort the tracks by year.

It's one thing for something like best of 1980-1985 where most of the tracks are from a short time frame and then on the other hand albums with tracks spawning a decade or two and compiled decades after actual release.

What's your experience and which approach would you recommend?



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I think the original ID3 Year tag (TYER) would probably normally be set to the Year of release of the Album (if it is part of an album) rather than the original release dates of the individual tracks.

The newer TDRC (Date) tag is more flexible, so allows for various options.


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@6b6561 You are correct that ultimately it really comes down to your personal preference. For my library I use the release year of the album. Even with true compilations (like soundtracks and mixed artist releases) and typical greatest hits packages that may be decades apart from the original release year, it keeps the order of your albums intact.

There is a value for original year in the id3 spec but I don't think there are too many players out there that use it.

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I'm also using the release year of the compilation which helps to keep things together. This is one of the things on my "re-consider approach" list and it came to mind as I ripped an album today with most of the tracks from late 1960's and compilation released 2006...

id3v2.4 has some more time fields than id3v2.3 but still no good solution for these cases, I guess what would be needed would be separate tags for album and track timestamps.

Conclusion: it seems like a good idea to continue as is in order not to break things.

Thanks for the moral support!

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