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Rescan modified folders (Affect playlist)


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Hello, I have had a problem with the playlists, I have been modifying some folders and organizing my music in the internal memory of my phone, I have several playlists and this has happened to me:

1) I have moved some songs from one folder to another, these songs that were in one of the playlists gave error, perform scanning and even the problem persisted, I had to delete them from the list and add them again

2) I have a playlist of a specific folder, to this folder I changed the name because I wanted to add another type of music, when I changed the name the entire playlist gave error and all the songs were damaged, I made the scan and try to repair the list and did not happen, I play it to erase the whole list and make it again (in this case it was not so much trouble because it was a folder itself, make the list was not so difficult, but should not happen)

the playlists that I currently have are from specific folders, but if I make a list with songs from different folders and modify or rearrange any of these folders in my internal storage, the playlists will be damaged and when pressing "rescan  / repair playlists" does not place them in their new (or renamed) destination.

I do not know if there is a specific option that I have not seen so that this does not happen, the folder where I have all the music (where there are more folders inside) I already have it selected.

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Playlists are just a simple list of filenames, and the containing folders in which they can be found, nothing more or less than that.Think of each entry as being like an index card in a physical library, telling the reader which room, row, rack and shelf a given book can be found on. This works fine until someone re-organises the library, and puts a book back on a new shelf in a new row/rack - you'd never be able to find it again using the original index cards which are now meaningless.

All the 'Rescan/Resolve Playlists' feature does is to search again through the Library for the named folder and filename for each entry in the list, and if not found all it can assume is that the file has been deleted so that entry cannot be used any more. Matching just the filename would give patchy results as you might have the same filename in multiple albums - such as soundtrack albums with the filename "End Credits.mp3" for example, or live and studio recordings of the same song by the same, or even different, artists.

If you are using physical playlists (for example *.M3U files) you can re-edit each line in the file using any simple text editor so that if reflects any folder/filename changes you may have made, but it would be a bit laborious unless there are a lot of similar changes that you could process using batch search/replace. 

Note: to try to resolve high-level changes (such as moving a playlist from one device to another) PA tries to match the files using just one containing level of folder names, not the whole long absolute path. 


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