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  1. Hello, I have had a problem with the playlists, I have been modifying some folders and organizing my music in the internal memory of my phone, I have several playlists and this has happened to me: 1) I have moved some songs from one folder to another, these songs that were in one of the playlists gave error, perform scanning and even the problem persisted, I had to delete them from the list and add them again 2) I have a playlist of a specific folder, to this folder I changed the name because I wanted to add another type of music, when I changed the name the entire playlist gave erro
  2. Exactly, and I think if you are right, the use of several tails can damage the excellent and easy use of the player. What if I think you have to keep in mind is moving several selected tracks within a playlist, it is a detail that personally misses to have an easier and practical experience (it is something personal, do not like the playlists players other people, in the same way I think it's a usefulness for all). And finish giving more utility to the "play next" button (as was being discussed in the other post), which was personally a very much needed option, I even bought Poweramp a f
  3. Right after you answered I saw those options and made better use of the playlist. But, it seems to me that I still lack that option to "play next" out of the queue, I made a playlist of more than 80 songs, two specific songs I wanted to play after the current one, but selecting both could not upload them at the same time and if you can do it, it is a bit uncomfortable to have to go up to where the one that is playing is, it seems to me that it would be easier to be able to select one, two, three or several songs and give it to play next and they are automatically ordered under the one that i
  4. Thank for the reply Since they are mentioned, you have all the reason, I had already seen the option to reorder just wanted to use it in practice because it was done in another music player (habit of use). But if, I'm going to start using it like that. Now I read well not much importance what I have raised jajajaja. Thanks.
  5. Hi I would like there to be a "next queue", where it can be accessed from the same playback interface (Player UI) or through another menu, where the next tracks to be played are displayed and to be able to order or alternate them as one wants, why ?, When "queue" or "all songs" is played in random mode, there is only one way to see the next track but not all the others or the order in which they will come, I understand that if one plays in random then it will be played randomly , but I think it would be very useful to organize those next tracks and know which ones are to come.
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