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Naming a Playlist and adding an Album


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I'm new to the forum.

Mine is a very simple question. I have a classical music selection for which Poweramp is great. I use the Genre feature, but want also to add a few Playlists.

I can see how to add albums to a playlist, but can't see how then to call that Playlist Playlist A, and then start a second Playlist, say Playlist B, and so on. The fact that it says Playlists implies that you must be able to have at least two separate ones,

I just need help in setting this up.

Many thanks, in anticipation.



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You can choose a song, or album, etc by long-pressing on it in the relevant library view (you can then select more items if you want, to add several things at once). Tap "+ Playlist" and you can then either add your chosen items to an existing playlist, or you can use "+ Add New" to create a new playlist for your chosen items, at which point you give it a name.

To then access your playlists, just tap Playlists from the main library view. Tap to open a playlist and you can see its songs, then tap the Play or Shuffle icons to listen, or choose a particular song if you wish. The songs in playlists are sorted by the order of the items that were added, or you can use List Options to re-sort them into a new order (or long-press on any song title to manually move , delete, etc).

When playing, if 'Repeat' is set to 'Off' (icon is below the cover artwork on the player screen) playback will stop once all of the songs in that playlist have been played. If Repeat is set to 'Advance Category' playback will continue with the next Playlist in order, and so on. 


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