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Struggle to replay the last song after end of the list

M Akmal

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Poweramp 878

Realme C2

Android 9, Color OS 6

I have a problem to replay the last song after list is finished/porewamp saying End of List.

Because it's is pretty difficult for me to explain, I gave you a link of video footage about this probelm. (I don't know, i had a trouble when uploading my video here (error -200). I hope you understand.Thanks


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This is the same issue that I recently noticed with one-song playback,  but it does seem to affect any situation where PA stops playback at the end of its list and then you press Play again.

I'm not sure whether expected behaviour should be to go back to the start of the current song (for one song mode) or for 'Repeat Off' mode the first song in the just-finished category, or to start playing the next song in playback order - I think ideally that should be a Settings option - but it currently fails to do either.


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@M Akmal Please could you try again with yesterday's build 879. For me, after List 'Finished' occurs (i.e. at the end of Category playback, or after a single-song if that mode has been selected) PA now returns to the beginning of that final song, and tapping Play reliably results in the same song being played again.

@maxmp Could I suggest that when listening in Category playback mode (i.e. Repeat is set to 'Off') at the end it would make more sense to return to the first track in the current Category, so you can start listening to the whole album/folder/etc again, rather than perpetually re-playing just the final song?

Ideally though, I'd prefer an option in Settings > Library > Lists to configure the desired behaviour when the end of the current playback list is reached:
Pause at start of Current Song   [which is the current behaviour]
Pause at start of Current Category   [which would fall back to start of current Song when in 'one-song' mode]
Pause at start of Next Song   [ideal if you are using the one-song mode in order to play through an album or playlist track by track, or using a Playlist with pauses between each track at a dance class ]


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On 7/26/2020 at 10:57 PM, andrewilley said:

Please could you try again with yesterday's build 879

It's still bugging from me (currently using build 879 now, played at the end of folder category)

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No, no crossfades. Preread buffer might be on, I'll check.

[Edit] I did have Fade on Pause enabled, but it makes no difference if I turn them all off and turn pre-load off.

What is the expected behaviour at the end of Repeat Off or Single Song playback, especially when you then press the Play button again?


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