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Jumping lock screen


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Dear all,


I am using the full version of Poweramp (Build 856-860) on a Moto G7+ running Android 10.
I have enabled the albumcover-option for the lockscreen, the short timout-setting and given the app the permission to alter system settings.

When opening the lockscreen to change the running screen and then letting the screen turn off, the albumcover-screen automatically reopens after a few seconds, then jumps back to the reduced lockscreen, turns off completely for short and then the whole cycle repeats endlessly...

Is there a setting I forgot to change or is this a bug?


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I don't think there is "albumcover-option for the lockscreen" option, but otherwise Poweramp lockscreen does work on most Android 10 variants. Unfortunately, I can't test on Moto @ 10 (my motorolas are up to 9 only), probably their lockscreen implementation conflicts with something.

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