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Poweramp not finding any music files


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Any help is greatly appreciated!

Poweramp doesn't locate any of my audio files. I'm using on an android head unit in my car. I've selected the correct folder. I've rescanned many times. I've deleted and reinstalled. I've ejected the SD card. 
I’ve checked all folders and tried specific folders with music and rescanned (full rescan too).

I’ve purchased full version, off google play. 

I’ve done this (haven’t gotten a reply from support, which is why I’m writing here): 

“Hello from Poweramp support team!

Please uninstall Poweramp Trial and Unlocker, restart your device and  update Poweramp (trial - which is the main app) from Poweramp site - https://powerampapp.com/downloads/Poweramp-v3-build-last-uni.apk

im using Poweramp for my android head unit in my car. 

Here’s a video: 

thank you in advance for any help! 

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Video does not work, has you set it to public visibility?

What version of Android does your head-unit run? Do you see the SD Card folders listed in the Settings > Library > Music Folders screen, and can you tick/untick folders there? What about if you put a few songs in a folder on the device's internal memory as a test, can they be made to scan correctly?


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@andrewilley Thank you for the response!

heres the link: 

I accidentally deleted the last letter of link.

ive tried putting music on internal and it still won’t locate. 

im running Android 9.

for some reason when I’m in Files, it keeps asking me to Grant Access. Maybe that’s it? I’ve tried going in Settings and allowing it to “make any changes”. But it doesn’t “stick”. 

maybe that’s it? 
but again, any other “player” app I download works totally fine. They see all my music files without having to do anything. It’s only Poweramp that cant find anything.

Big thank you for helping! 

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You should't need to Grant Access for reading permission to the SD Card (only for writing). I assume you've already tried the advice of uninstalling everything, rebooting, and re-installing?

If you go into Android Settings > Apps > App Permissions check that the Poweramp app is set as allowed in the Storage section.


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@TacoEmergency thanks for the log. From the log, cause of the issue is:

02-27 17:04:53.790 31822 31895 W ScanDispatcherService: Media not mounted

There is a simple check in Poweramp scanner which won't scan the storage if media (storage/sd card/etc) is not mounted, as this will cause tracks removing from the playlists, categories, etc. 
Unfortunately your ROM seems to always indicate that media is not mounted.

If you wish, I can try to prepare test build which tries to workaround that, but that will require test build testing + log again from your device.

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