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Straight High Res output option


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Just purchased Poweramp full version (v3 latest build) via the web-site for my Fiio M11 Pro. I must admit, it’s a fantastic music player app and it really outperforms the pre-installed Filo music player app by far. Well done!

Amongst many things, I like the detailed view of the digital process chain of the Poweramp music player. However, I noticed, after the first Decoder step, a lot of processing is taking place. In total three more processing steps:

-A Resampler


-And finally an output step

So a lot of resampling and increasing and decreasing of bit depth is taking place. Sometimes this makes sense, but sometimes it seems to be a lot of additional handling. My question therefor is: Wouldn’t it be possible to establish a 'straight put through' option, so that e.g. High-Res FLAC files with 96kHz and 24bit depth go straight to the output DAC of the device, unchanged, no resampling, no bit depth change, etc.

Looking forward to hear from you folks!


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I've been running into issues with the resampling in Poweramp as well, I'm currently testing USB Audio Player and so far it does seem to be changing the output sample rate based on the input file and providing a much cleaner output. with Poweramp I was getting clicking sounds in the background unless I set the output sample rate to be the same or lower than the source file, this isn't ideal as some of my music is at a much higher sample rate than the rest and currently to use Poweramp I have to downsample all that music.

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