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Shanling M6 pro and other DACs setting


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Hi everybody. I couldn't find any proper answer to this. I have Shanling M6 pro DAC and I am not really shure what's the proper setting of the HiRes output on Poweramp for this. Recently I have noticed some Direct HD option showing up on the HiRes settings.

Any idea ? How to achieve the best (bitperfect like) setting on Poweramp ? 


What I am doing now

It says : variant Direct HD

Output Set to HiRes and fixed 192kHz and all setting below are set to off (no EQ, no DV, No Headroom, ...)

Dither None

Thanks a lot !

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What does Settings > Audio > Audio Info show when music is playing? Output will never be absolutely bitperfect though, even if the source file and output mode match exactly in terms of frequency and bitrate there will be processing during the file unpacking.

Normally it's best to keep DVC turned ON if possible, but some device output modes may not support that. If you do have to turn it off, it's probably best to allow a bit of processing headroom - even if you disable the EQ. Dither is mostly useful for downsampling, I don't think it would be applied if there's no change in freq/bitrate, but Max would need to confirm that.


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Ok I see.. Yes, the DVC is on ....  Please see the picture attached.

I have set the output to 192 myself. I can go to 384KHz.


Is the frequency eating power as well ? Also what does the Direct HD mean ? It came with some latest updates i guess. Not sure with the resamples setting. I have mine roughly on 97 no dither...


Thanks a lot for your answers!!!


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Understand. I've fixed the DVC ..It was off in the HiRes setting table..  Ok good to know that the resolution doesn not eat any crazy amount of power..

I have 400GB library of various freq/resolutions ... But generally yes, the 192 is enough for most cases (which also means that some 44,1 tracks are resampled to 192 :( ) Follow/match frequency function would be great, but that we know.

If you would have any more info about the Resampling vs. Dithering for my case I would appreciate that. 


Thanks again!!!

Stay safe, Andrew

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As far as I know, dithering is mainly applicable when reducing bitrates (e.g. from 24-bit to 16-bit). See https://www.waves.com/audio-dithering-what-you-need-to-know

Upscaling 44.1kHz to 192kHz shouldn't harm the audio, but it also doesn't do anything positive for it either. However it's much better to upscale lower resolution content than it is to reduce higher resolution down to 44.1kHz though.


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