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  1. OK, thanks for the help. shame there isn't a way to trigger the category shuffling from within the library directly but I guess that would lead to a lot of different required behaviours based on the context when the shuffle button is pressed.
  2. I've just installed Poweramp v856 and have been trying to get my head around the shuffle options and how to make them do what I want, after a fair amount of forum searching and trying things I thought I'd just ask. how do I make Poweramp do the following: from the Album Artist catagory, select an artist and have PA play a random album (in track# order) then move on to another random album from the same album artist from the Albums catagory have PA play a random album in track# order then move on to another random album ideally without having to poke into settings each time..
  3. I'm using Poweramp on a fiio M6, no issues with the license, I just bought a website, single device, license (doesn't matter whether the email is Google or not) and entered the email and license key into Poweramp (with a network connection)
  4. I realise it's not something an end user can do, only the skin developer however it does mean it would be possible to develop your own skin for a fiio mp3 player if you wanted (not ideal but possible)
  5. Their reasoning for not providing the play store and whitelisting APKs is that they are concerned about app performance with the processor used, the device is an MP3 player, not a phone and has hardware designed for that purpose, they'd get a lot of complaints about apps not working if users had the freedom to install anything they wanted. it's annoying but I can understand their reasoning. for skins that leaves the only way to install them would be to change the package name (or whatever they whitelist by) to match a whitelisted app
  6. The reason for the skin not installing will be that fiio use a whitelist to limit app installations to tested, approved apps. Is there any other way to install Poweramp skins? Manually placing files or anything? Otherwise every skin would need it's APK registering on the white list, something I don't think fiio will do.
  7. Using Poweramp on my fiio M6 there is a delay of about 500ms between pressing the pause button (either UI button or hardware) and the music stopping (this is without any fading enabled), this delay isn't seen in any other apps, only Poweramp. Poweramp: V3 build-828-uni Using fiio firmware v1.0.2 Audio output settings on default (openSL ES) UPDATE: The issue persists using Poweramp-v3-build-845-uni.apk and High Res output or openSL ES
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