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Sort playlist tracks by pathname

M Akmal

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is there any possible way to sort playlist tracks/entries by path? I mean, not only by filename, but also by pathname


Song 1.mp3

Song 2.mp3

Folder a/song 3.mp3

Folder b/disc 1/song 4.mp3

Folder b/disc 2/song 5.mp3

If not, please make it possible for future release. Thanks.

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This is a feature that would be very useful for me as well.

I have my folders organized as such:

All Artists Folder

Specific Artist Folder

(Album Date) Album Title Folder

01 Track Title.mp3

02 Track Title.mp3


I often build Playlists over time, adding whole Artist or Album folders as I go along. This places the new additions at the bottom of the list. The available Playlist sorting options (By Artist/Album) will place all the Artist Tracks together, but in alphabetical order by Album Title, then Track Title. When I'm shuffle listening, sometimes a song will come up and I'll want to turn off shuffle and listen to the album in its original sequence, if I could sort by File Path, my Playlists would always be in the original sequence for each Album and chronologically for each Artist.

Free Playlist Manager seems like a fine workaround, but having this functionality native to Poweramp would be much more elegant, straightforward and simple, especially since it's already available in the Folder list options.

All that said, I've been using the Full Version for several years and Poweramp is by far the best player app available. Thank you for your dedication and continued hard work.

Any chance of a desktop version to be able to manage and sync my entire library across all my devices? Doesn't hurt to dream...

Thanks for your consideration.

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On 1/8/2020 at 2:52 PM, flyingdutchman said:

Select a playlist, then from either the menu at the top or context menu on the playlist itself, select "sort by."


Sorry, but it is just re-sorting the playlist by filename only. can you explain how to sort it by path>filename?

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