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Hi-Res sample rate value bug

M Akmal

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Hi. Recently I got a bug on sample rate used value in hi-res mode. When i see the sample rate value on Hi-res output settings screen, it says that it used 192khz rate. But, if I look that on the output select screen(?) and audio info popup, both says it only used 48khz sample rate. I don't know which one is right? I think the value in the settings screen is wrong, but I also think that my device supports sample rates above 48khz , but both select screen and audio info don't recognize it.

Here is the screenshot

Sorry for my english.




The build version is 847.

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Poweramp asks audio subsystem about parameters used. Some ROMs/devices may fail with this on various levels:

  • the parameters may be available only after playback started with the delay
  • the parameters can be from previous playback session (mtk devices)
  • the parameters can be a lie (all Samsungs)

Poweramp tries to filter out such devices/ROMs, but as there are 2000+ Android models each year + many custom ROMs, so that's not always possible. Some use cases, like playback-delayed parameters will be probably rectified in the next builds, some - won't (as Samsungs case - to get actual playback parameters, extra permissions for app are required).

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