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  1. @maxmp In my case, I don't think so, as these screenshots suggest.
  2. The sample rate in Bluetooth Hi-Res output keeps on resetting itself to 48 khz. Could you please fix it?
  3. @andrewilley Could you please tell us about when the compressor from the equalizer app will be ported to Poweramp? Thanks in advance.
  4. @░▒▓█ クリス █▓▒░ I don't pretend I can hear the frequencies, but i might hear a more natural and proprer sound.
  5. @andrewilley No, I'm Batman lol. Jokes aside, because it might make sound more soft and natural on DACs which support it.
  6. Hello, i was just wondering if you could please add 768 khz output. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I was just wondering if you could please allow 32 bit output on the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. Thanks. 19:03:09.230 v3-build-883-arm64-play Device: Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro raphael raphael "qcom" raphael QKQ1.190825.002 test-keys [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi] msmnile is_snapdragon FAILED to read=/vendor/etc/audio_output_policy.conf reading=/vendor/etc/audio_io_policy.conf has direct_pcm_24, sampling_rates=44100|48000|88200|96000|176400|192000|352800|384000 AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_DIRECT direct_pcm_24 has direct_pcm_24 formats=AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_24_BIT_PACKED|AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_8_2
  8. @maxmp OK. Then, could you at least force it to 32 bit?
  9. @andrewilley I didn't precised which Hi-Res output, because my request included all Hi-Res outputs. I disabled DVC, but I never had the option to choose the bit depth, unlike in Chromecast output.
  10. @andrewilley But we can't choose the bit depth on our own. I have a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro.
  11. Hello, I was just wondering if you could please allow us to choose 16 and 32 Hi-Res bit depths aswell. Thanks in advance.
  12. @maxmp OK, no problem, cool. But what about Hi-Res bit depths?
  13. Hello, I was just wondering if you could please add AAudio output, 16 and 32 Hi-Res bit depths and all the SoX settings (for instance, VHQ, anti-aliasing, phase selection). Thanks.
  14. I have another PC alternative which is Aimp, a good and lightweight audiophile audio player with a large playback (which includes radios and URL), a big number of features (such as output selection, resampling, an equalizer, etc.) and a pleasant and customisable interface.
  15. OK, i see. One more question. It's off topic, but, since i couldn't find the answer to it, could you please tell me if the resampler cutoff frequency ratio affects audio quality and what it basically does? Thanks.
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