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  1. OK, thank your for your understanding. I know it's a bit off topic, but could you please explain me exactly and in simple terms what the resampler cuttoff frequency ratio does, because i'm not positive to have understand it. Does it actually have an impact on the audio quality?
  2. Thank you for your responses. By tonality, i actually meant the pitch. Sorry for the incorrect wording. As for the playback stop, i meant the possibility of being able to stop the playback after the end of a given track while in the middle of a playlist for instance.
  3. Hello, i recently downloaded and bought the application. Coming from other audio players, i was wondering if you could please add the following features: - Hi-Res output for the Xiaomi phones - DSD - 2 Passes (as in VLC) - 32 bits support for Hi-Res audio - pitch control - current playlist, playback stop and A-B repetition (as in jetAudio) - playlist import and export - lyrics editing and writing. Sincerely yours
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