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Larger fonts on some Fields

Robert H2

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I have bought Poweramp for both my phone and for my Fiio M6. The M6 has a really small screen 3.2 inches making some fields hard to see. I wonder if it is possible to increase the font size of the following fields:

  1. On the main player screen - the current track / all tracks number ie.    256/4902
  2. On the All Songs list - the song time ie.  9:07 | mp3
  3. On the Albums list - the songs, time, year ie.  3 | 35:25 | 1972
  4. On the Artists list - the songs, time ie.  44 | 3:33:06
  5. On the Genres list - the songs, time ie.  334 | 29:23:47
  6. On the Playlists - the songs, time ie.  81 | 5:13:54
  7. All the other lists - basically the last line…

Just a couple of sizes larger would be great.  Thanks so much!

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13 hours ago, andrewilley said:

I guess that would really be up to a skin designer to produce, the main general=purpose interface is optimised for regular devices with 5+ inch screens.


Hi Andre,

Thanks for your reply. Looks like that it is not possible for the skin designers to increase these font sizes (see below). Therefore just bumping up the font size by a couple of points, in the main PA app, would make a world of difference. I have purchased PA on both a 6" phone and the 3.2" Fiio M6 and both have plenty of room for expanding these fonts without adversely affecting the UI. The Fiio M6 has a company modified version of Android and each app (including skins, I suppose) have to be specifically "white listed" by Fiio before they can be installed. There is no Play Store on this device.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter!

12 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

@Robert H2 skin designers are not able to apply  font sizes to these field but i use scaling to in/decrease text sizes in my skins. The drawback of this is that the screen around it is unaware so you may get overlap or misalignment when setting large or small sizes.

Thanks Theo for your reply! I have already purchased your skin for my 6" phone a while back (and I love it, it's great!). I don't think it is possible to install it on the Fiio M6 because it needs to be "white listed" by Fiio, and there is no Play Store on the M6, so all approved apps (skins?) need to be copied to the device separately. Thanks again for your hard work on your skin!


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On 9/10/2019 at 1:06 AM, andrewilley said:

Off topic, but can you not install APK files directly on your device? After confirming you accept the risks of doing that in Android Settings of course.


Yes that is how apps are installed, but only apps that are "white listed" by the developer. I'm not sure how that is actually handled. If a check is made before a selected app is installed or not. That is how I installed Poweramp in the first place. I know on a subsequent newer release of the M6 firmware more apps were included in the "white list".

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