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Albums with the same title


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A quick search shows this has been discussed before many times over the years ago, but how can a paid for app - that's supposed to be THE top Android audio player - not be able to handle albums correctly?  Sorry if this sounds a bit ranty, but I'm genuinely shocked at this and just need to vent! Loving Poweramp otherwise.

In album view I have an album called "Greatest Hits" containing Chicago, Queen, Blink-182 and The Offspring.

Do users just accept this bizarre behaviour?

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Do you have something in the "album artist" tag that would differentiate these?

It's OK for an album to have multiple artists (in the "ARTIST" tag - for example track 1 of an album might be "Rihanna", track 2 might be "Rihanna feat AnotherPerson"), but if you have a different album artist, it should separate the albums. So on your "Greatest Hits" album by Queen, each track would have "Queen" as the Album Artist, on your "Greatest Hits" album by Blink-182, each track would have "Blink-182" as the Album Artist, etc.

I have multiple albums called "Greatest Hits" and it works fine for me...

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6 hours ago, w3wilkes said:

If you have a greatest hits album that contains multiple artists you should also have a Album Artist tag in each track with something like "Various Artists".

I suspect the OP has the opposite problem, in that he actually has four separate albums, all entitled just "Greatest Hits", by four different artists - Chicago, Queen, Blink-182 and The Offspring.

In the older releases of PA (hence all the old threads) the Album Artist tag was not yet implemented, so it was not possible to separate identically-titled albums while also keeping other 'collection' albums (where each track has a different track artist) grouped together. The old solution (which still works today if you want to do it) was to rename the title tags for such albums to "Chicago's Greatest Hits", "Queen's Greatest Hits", etc.

However now that reading the Album Artist tag is implemented (which is designed to handle just these situations), any such albums should be shown separately even when the Album Title tags are identical. Always assuming that the files are correctly tagged in the first place of course, which can be checked (and edited if necessary) using the Info/Tags menu option in the player screen or library views.


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