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  1. Regarding the fix in the latest build: very large music collections scan improvements I gotta say THANK YOU! For the first time Poweramp was able to find and load my entire collection quickly...very much appreciated!!
  2. Folks - I'm trying to run Poweramp on my Chromebook (Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, if it helps), and my music is on a microSDXC card that in the card reader slot. The Files app can correctly see everything on the card. When I try to add folders in "Library/Music Folders" in Poweramp, the "Folders Selection" screen looks like this: _> Chromebook_1234 Enable I know I'm supposed to click on the "+" button to add directory where the music is on the microSDXC card...but when I navigate there in the picker and click "USE THIS FOLDER", and then click "Allow", nothing happens on the list of folders I can select from...it still looks like: -> Chromebook_1234 Enable Clicking any part of the above line (the arrow or the disk icon or the "Chromebook_1234" or "Enable") does nothing, and no files appear when rescanning. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I've given external storage privileges on the "external storage preferences" screen of the ChromeOS settings, and Poweramp also has "Files and Media" permission under app permissions. Or is this setup (Poweramp+microSD card) just not a good setup under ChromeOS? Thank you! Eckless
  3. So a dumb question...what settings do people usually set for Poweramp for general listening? Lately I've just been putting bass and treble at 25%, and increase the pre-amp a bit so it's not so quiet. Are there any other "must have" settings?
  4. Do you have something in the "album artist" tag that would differentiate these? It's OK for an album to have multiple artists (in the "ARTIST" tag - for example track 1 of an album might be "Rihanna", track 2 might be "Rihanna feat AnotherPerson"), but if you have a different album artist, it should separate the albums. So on your "Greatest Hits" album by Queen, each track would have "Queen" as the Album Artist, on your "Greatest Hits" album by Blink-182, each track would have "Blink-182" as the Album Artist, etc. I have multiple albums called "Greatest Hits" and it works fine for me...
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