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  1. @maxmp the suggested switch ("Pause on Headset Disconnect") fixed the issues - still don't understand why, but thank you regardless!
  2. @maxmp that is correct, the "pause_on_headset..." line corresponds to when the screen off/pause event happens. I have a few drives today - I will toggle that switch and report back. Thank you for the prompt response!
  3. Hi all - Poweramp build-976-bundle-play Pixel 7 Pro on Android 14 QPR2 In the last few weeks, some strange behavior... 1. Play music in car through Android Auto 2. Leave car, put in earbuds (bluetooth) 3. Plays through earbuds just fine, but when the screen times out, the music stops. I've tried changing battery usage to "unrestricted". Bluetooth "last processed commands" looks like this: 19:00:02.060 PlayerService on OnRoutingChanged newDevice=speaker oldDevice=bt 19:00:02.060 PlayerService reloadPipeline allowPlaying=false force forceResume=false state after reload=2 19:04:04.694 BTReceiver headset event connection BT=true am mode=0 WF_1000XM5 19:05:12.102 AppScannerSupport PAUSE pause_on_headset USB disconnection/AA So even though I left my car behind 5 minutes ago, it's still thinks it's connected to something over USB. Note if I do the same thing in another player (like Podcast Republic) - things work fine - I can start audio over bluetooth, the screen times out, and audio continues playing. Note this issue persists until I reboot. "Starting and stopping bluetooth" won't help. After rebooting, all works fine. Any ideas? (This may be an Android Auto issue, but tough to tell!) Thank you!
  4. A little late to the party, but THANK YOU for the solution in this thread, of putting album arts in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ under album_art. Note that accessing this directory is getting more difficult with each Android iteration (on 12, I had to hook my phone up to my PC, but it worked). I'm one of the types who has "albums" that are made up of multiple "CDs", each with their own art. I want the album art for each track to be that of the CD it's on, while the album art for the "album" in the album to be the main album, rather than using the art of one of the CDs. Putting each CD into a separate folder with its own album art, then moving the "album album art" to the album_art directory was exactly what I needed.
  5. Regarding the fix in the latest build: very large music collections scan improvements I gotta say THANK YOU! For the first time Poweramp was able to find and load my entire collection quickly...very much appreciated!!
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