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  1. What I'm trying to achieve is have a selection of playlists that are regularly updated from my PC and can then be launched via Bluetooth buttons without having to mess around manually updating/scanning/importing anything on my phone. So there's no way to reference these playlists using the API as their IDs will constantly be changing? I can keep them outside of the Poweramp library folders if that is the only way to proceed, but I'm a bit lost as to how to launch these from Tasker.
  2. Today my playlist IDs seem to have jumbled up. I wonder if IDs change if the m3u contents have changed? If so that's an issue. I've tried playing the m3u directly from Tasker but I get a "Music Playback: Playback failed". I guess I'm hoping the system would know what to do with the file and open it in my default player.
  3. I've worked out the playlist ids I need for now. Thanks for all your help. Now to do lots of testing and see what other issues arise!
  4. My playlists are independently created m3u files which are in the music library folder that Poweramp scans. They show up under playlists in Poweramp but not under the Playlist tab in your app.
  5. Got ya! I assumed it would just pull the playlists from Poweramp as they were scanned into the library. I didn't think I'd need to change that path as I wasn't exporting.
  6. Thanks that would be great. But at the moment your app doesn't show my m3u playlists. Is that correct behaviour?
  7. I have tried your app, but I doesn't show my m3u playlists. The only playlists it seems to show are ones created with the app. I did try the import option under m3u playlists, which although it gave me an id, did so by doubling up the playlists in Poweramp. Should your app pick up and show ids for m3u playlists? If so how do I go about it?
  8. I'm attempting to use Poweramp my car audio player and am trying to simplify/automate as much as possible. I have several m3u playlists which are in my library folder. They scan and show up with Poweramp ok and work fine. I gather you need to reference playlist ids when using the API, which isn't ideal, so I've tried to ascertain these by trial and error. The problem is, sending the same id will start a different playlist on each occasion. So I have no idea what the numbers I'm sending through are actually referencing. content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/playlists/[number] cmd:20 I'm replacing number by trial and error integers starting at 1. Can any one shine any light on what I may be doing wrong?
  9. A quick search shows this has been discussed before many times over the years ago, but how can a paid for app - that's supposed to be THE top Android audio player - not be able to handle albums correctly? Sorry if this sounds a bit ranty, but I'm genuinely shocked at this and just need to vent! Loving Poweramp otherwise. In album view I have an album called "Greatest Hits" containing Chicago, Queen, Blink-182 and The Offspring. Do users just accept this bizarre behaviour?
  10. It doesn't work for me. If I say "Hey Google, Shuffle Rush" then GA displays: "shuffle Rush" "Sure, asking Poweramp to play Rush" Here's what shows in the Bluetooth log. The word shuffle is definitely there and passed to Poweramp, but the songs are just added alphabetical by title. 19:41:57.595 DataCmdExecutor handleSearchAndPlay obj= android.intent.extra.user_query_language=en-GB String query=Rush String android.intent.extra.REFERRER_NAME=android-app://com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/https/www.google.com String android.intent.extra.user_query=shuffle Rush String android.intent.extra.focus=vnd.android.cursor.item/* String android.intent.extra.title=Rush String But If I say "shuffle songs" then GA displays: "shuffle songs" "ok" and it does queue up everything shuffled. This is on build 820 on Android 8.0.0. If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it.
  11. Had to pick thee OH up from the airport yesterday so was able to give Poweramp and voice control a good try out. It's safer than faffing with the screen even if it is a bit temperamental. Still will not shuffle no matter what I try.
  12. Tried on Android 6.0.1. Same behaviour as 8.0.0, except the voice control keeps trying to search the web instead of performing actions. Took me ages to get it to accept "Shuffle Aerosmith" but eventually I got this: 20:40:55.283 DataCmdExecutor handleSearchAndPlayobj=android.media.action.MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH android.intent.extra.artist=Aerosmith Stringcom.google.android.apps.gsa.shared.util.starter.IntentStarter.USE_TRANSITION=2 Integerprocessed=true Booleanquery=Aerosmith Stringandroid.intent.extra.REFERRER_NAME=android-app://com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/https/www.google.com Stringandroid.intent.extra.focus=vnd.android.cursor.item/artist String
  13. I'm on Android 8.0.0/ I may be able to try with and earlier Android version later just to confirm I get the same result as you there. I find it funny that the shuffle doesn't work for me and yet my log is the only one that mentions shuffle! Anyone out there with Android 8 who can check voice shuffle behaviour...?
  14. I was hoping for some awesome use I hadn't come across, like being able to thumbs down songs while driving and then mass delete them all later. Deleting songs while driving probably isn't practical. Is there anything clever the star system can do, like affect the frequency of tracks playing? Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions, but I'm new to the app and just trying to get the most out of it.
  15. What is the usefulness of the Thumbs ratings? I don't mean compared to a star rating but in itself. I get that you can play a list of top-rated songs, so Thumbs up is sort of ok, but what about Thumbs down? Can Poweramp exclude these songs or can they be bulk deleted later on? If not what is the point? I must be missing something and would love to know how other people use this feature.
  16. I don' think you can say a randomness is inadequate unless there is some identifiable influence. The same song could be played 100 times in a row and the implementation still be perfect. That's why some conditional parameters, like I suggested, are desirable.
  17. Or it could be. That's what random means 😉
  18. It could still happen. I cited 5000 songs, but what if you had random set for playlist of 500, or 50? My car stereo annoyingly tries to play the same song twice in a row on occasions. Discounting an easy configuration option because its unlikely will eventually annoy someone!
  19. No, minimum repeat. If track X plays, it doesn't play again for Y tracks. Does that make sense?
  20. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but a search for random brings up lots of results, often to do with Shuffle play. Which is my issue. Is it possible to get a random play option to compliment the shuffle option? Using cards as an analogy, the current option is: Shuffle: Shuffle all cards and pick them put one by one. Eventually all 52 cards are picked, just once each. I'd like Random: Shuffle all cards; pick a card from the pack, then replace it; pick another. Endless selection. Shuffle is great if you want to mix up an album or small playlist, but if you want to listen to non-stop continuous music - especially with a large library - knowing a song isn't going to be played for another 5000 tracks is almost as annoying as knowing what track is coming next. The obvious downside is the same song being repeated too often. Easily fixed with configuration options for minimum artist repeat and minimum track repeat.
  21. That's probably because I've turned off voice talking back to me all the time. I've looked in the Bluetooth section. I wouldn't of thought to look here, as Google Assistant isn't really dependent on bluetooth or headsets. Here's the last command: 10:12:32.303 DataCmdExecutor handleSearchAndPlay obj= android.intent.extra.user_query_language=en-GB String query=Aerosmith String android.intent.extra.REFERRER_NAME=android-app://com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox/https/www.google.com String android.intent.extra.user_query=shuffle Aerosmith String android.intent.extra.focus=vnd.android.cursor.item/* String android.intent.extra.title=Aerosmith String
  22. I wonder why that doesn't work for me? Could there be any settings in Poweramp that are causing the issue? When you do this and google assistant pops up on screen, does it mention shuffle in its response?
  23. So I say "Hey Goggle play Aerosmith shuffled" This is displayed correctly on the google assistant pop-up (which I wish stayed hidden). I need to practice my pronunciation as I often get "Play Aerosmith Sheffield" ) The response is "Sure, asking Poweramp to play Aerosmith" (Shuffle isn't mentioned in the response. Is this standard behaviour?) My queue then consists of all songs by Aerosmith but in track name order.
  24. I may have to. No random is a deal breaker. It's why I ditched Rockbox years ago when that was the go to player (back before everyone used their phones). I can't believe players don't have both shuffle and random.
  25. Tried both those and it always starts with the same song. Shuffle just doesn't get enabled.
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