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Chromecast casting not working


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I have the exact same issue as @vinaysharma76

The stats window displays the same thing. My speakers are Polk MagniFi Max.

What is weird is that volume control works but there is no audio. Also Poweramp is playing for like 10 seconds then rewinds back to where it was when it started playing. After about 30 seconds it disconnects from the speaker...

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I want to cast Poweramp to ChromeCast (not real one, a CastReceiver app from play store running on another android device). I can cast youtube this way, so casting works in general. Unfortunstely I do not see a cast button in top right corner (or throught menu) in my Poweramp. 

What could be the problem?

Thank you.

Edit: Resolved, chrome cast was disabled in my Poweramp. To enable go to: Settings -> Look and Feel -> Player UI -> Chromecast button -> choose there how to show it.

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