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  1. Hi Max how to ensure my phone is using New Chromecast build . and how to get it. I am from India and all apps on my phone are latest and I am using latest Poweramp version form Playstore.
  2. In that case, seems my speakers are not able to connect at all with Power AMP. but on the same phone, I am using these Polk speakers without any issue. i notice for some time Poweramp show connected with speakers but no audio and at that time I get the metadata which I posted but within a few seconds speakers get disconnected.
  3. This is only output i have no information after that.
  4. Chromecast option is not working on my polk magnefi mini speaker with Chromecast support. It is connected but no audio. Can u help please
  5. Phone Oneplus 5t. After this update, Poweramp stops responding to play pause / next songs and other buttons on my Bluetooth receiver (earstudio) . Also sound quality is not as before. very disappointed. How can I get back to previous version?
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