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Minor bug report. Crashes with 'Always on Display'


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I'm not saying about playback. the playback is good.

The bug what I'm saying is returning to now playing screen unexpectedly. I mean when I browse folder with playing music or not, both in Landscape view (works good in Portrait view). Then I turn off the screen and I turn on the screen, Poweramp returns to now playing screen.

It doesn't remember where I left when I turned on 'Always on Display'. ('Always on Display' feature is Samsung's smart phone's feature. It is when turned off the screen, Screen shows some information that are Time, Notification, etc.)

But when I disable 'Always on Display' feature, Poweramp works good.

Please fix it.

My Poweramp's info : v3-build816-play (Full Version)

My Smart Phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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30 minutes ago, christian84mhj said:

Um... Sorry for asking again. Do you mean.. is it unfixable? If it is unfixable. What is the reason? Can you give me a rough reason?

Maxmp said that he couldn't reproduce your problem. That means, he tried it out, but he didn't get the error that occurred on your device. So he cannot say whether it is fixable. For that he would have to set up a test and get the error.

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3 hours ago, christian84mhj said:

 What is the reason?

If the reason was known, it could be fixed. Thus far it seems pretty specific to your phone. I can;t test it myself as I don't have Always-On-Display on my device, which you said was required in order for the bug to occur. Can you upload a video showing the problem maybe?


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