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Editing ID Tags Creates Error

Irene C.

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My phone is Samsung A9, android version 8.0.0., 

Poweramp version 3.0 818

I have an issue with some of the songs, after I edit their ID tags. The player bypasses them and goes to the next song.

When I try to play the song from the file manager with the default player I get an error message (please see screen shot attached) 

Before editing the songs played just fine. 

Thank you for any answer. 


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59 minutes ago, Irene C. said:


The songs appear in Poweramp as 'unknown artist' and 'title', so I use the player's own editor to fill the missing information

This would mean that there are tags that cannot be safely edited by Poweramp. Do you have copies of the files before the edit that you could send to the developer, together with the edited version ?

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8 hours ago, Irene C. said:

yes i do

you mean, i presume, to send them by mail. May i have the developer's mail please?


Never did that myself, you can do that perhaps by selecting the "contact us" if you click on another person's info then below.


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