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Albums with same name get mixed up

Michael G.

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I have a problem with Poweramp which might be a bug: I have a lot of albums and when adding the fourth album named "Gold" I discovered, that the albums get mixed up. I had Boney M.'s, Kiss's and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gold" albums for quite some time and when I added a new one from Tom Jones, I found out, that all Gold albums are shown with the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover art. And when I select that album, songs from all Gold albums are shown and not only the ones from the selected album.

All song files are created by me from the CDs, are tagged with the artist (no album artist as they are all single artist albums), the album name and each song from an album has identical cover art. The files sit in directories named after the artist and then the album. Multiple CD albums have directory names like Gold_CD1 and Gold_CD2.

From a programming point of view it looks like albums are identified only by name and not by a combination of artist and album name or better even some artificial id.

I use Poweramp Version v3-build-816-play on a BlackBerry DTEK60 running Android 6.0.1. I'm not sure if it was a problem with earlier versions, as I have a lot of songs and can't remember to have looked at those specific albums. I tried to find something in the forums using various key words like "mixed" oder "duplicate", but couldn't find anything. A rescan didn't help.

Is this a bug?

Thanks for any help!


P.S.: except for this bug I like Poweramp a lot. I had some problems with hiccups in the older version, but they seem to be gone with V3.

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Make sure Album Artist tag is filled on Gold albums for each different artists.

Don't blank that part and just fill Album Artist tag (same as artist name)


Artist - Boney M / Album - Gold /  Album Artist - Boney M

Artist - Tom Jones / Album - Gold / Album Artist - Tom Jones


Hope it helps

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No, it wasn't a full rescan, but I did it now and it didn't help. Also I changed the "join albums" setting, but it didn't make a difference.

I did some analysis and searched for other duplicate album names. It's the same problem with

  • "Ultimate Hits" (Steve Miller Band and Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band)
  • "Trio" (Trio and Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris)
  • "The Very Best Of" (Chris de Burgh and Neil Diamond)
  • "Greatest Hits" (Queen, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Barry Manilow, Bangles, Simply Red, Little River Band, Johnny Lee, Journey, etc.)
  • "Definitive Collection" (The Drifters and Electric Light Orchestra)
  • "20 Greatest Hits" (Gilbert O'Sullivan, Loretta Lynn)

but not with

  • "Legend" (Willie Nelson and Bob Marley)
  • "Duets" (Emilous Harris, Elton John, Kenny Rogers)
  • "From the Original Master Tapes" (Buddy Holly and Bill Haley and his Comets)

From the last ones, some do have an album artist, but some do not. So setting an album artist might be a workaround, but it still looks like a bug to me.

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I tried to set an album artist tag and it works. But I was always under the impression, that this tag is intended for the opposite reason, namely to keep all songs from an album together, when there is a main artist who in some songs features another artist.

Also else anyone would have to set an album artist in every file, because you can never know if someday the file will end up in a collection with a similarly-titled album from another artist. Wouldn't it make more sense to group files to albums based on artist and album name plus album artist, when it exists?


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1 hour ago, Michael G. said:

But I was always under the impression, that this tag is intended for the opposite reason, namely to keep all songs from an album together

Yep, that's exactly the way the tag "Album Artist" is used : an album is defined as the set of songs that have the same "Album Artist" and "Album".

The tag "Artist" is the exception: there you can document the people working on an individual song.

Of course there are many users who haven't set the tags in this way, therefore there are some settings to mitigate this.

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