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  1. Font of lyrics (from ID3 tag) has become bigger and I wonder it is meant to be or a kind of bug as I can't find this on update list. At first it looks so weird but now has become comfortable to read so it's fine Btw when lyrics have many blanks or lines scroll gets toooo long lol Or option for setting font size added soon? Wdk v3-build-870-arm64-play / Samsung Galaxy S8+ / Android 9
  2. UPDATE: Regardless of any "Start playing queue " or other queue options, that metadata always shows "Queue". Every option combination doesn't make any change of it.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8+ / v3-build-863-arm64-play / Android 9 After queue update, if the option "Start playing queue" is "after current category", the metadata below album art always shows "queue" even if queue list is empty. And also even if "Advance Category" is on, it still only shows "queue" (queue list is empty as same). Hope they get fixed at an early date.
  4. v3-build-843-arm64-play / samsung galaxy s8+ android 9 After update to build 842-843, search doesn't work. When I touch search button, then not a search panel but it happens: And display goes malfunctioning. See what happens with video. I can't do anything after using search. It worked before but search totally crashed the app and I have to force the app turned off to use normally. Why does it happen? My app is updated latest ofc.
  5. Official last.fm app and simple last.fm don't work after os update i tried setting done and undone but not worked Galaxy s8+ / build 826 / pi
  6. It happens to me same after updating pi, galaxy s8+ and build 826 I turned off eq and made options default but still problem remained.
  7. I try with basic skin 'Dark Theme' with alternative layout and pro button option off but the problem still exists.
  8. Can't believe it still exists. The most annoying bug ever. When open the app after hiatus the navigation bar still shows wrong songs with the order of All songs. Full rescan or restart the app don't help at all.
  9. Probably that will be not the case of full solution but temporary one This issue is never solved with full rescan and always annoys me when I restart the ap
  10. Yes and I found alphanumeric matter is not its root which is what you want someone else to do. What else I can do? Tell me another condition or option to try.
  11. You mentioned that 'NON-alphanumeric' characters so I make fill my library with ALL-alphanumeric songs without any NON-alphanumeric characters all over the list. But still the problem happens. I swear there is NO non-alphanumeric characters in whole song names, and even in whole album and artist names, only pure English characters exist. I can prove it if you want. Even there is no Arabic numerals / numbers (1, 2, 3 .... 0) on whole list. Still the bug exists. 'Blackout' is #2 song from all song list and what I play is #2 song from that album. When I move the track, the sequence follows. Still the same problem. So this is a bug regardless of the type of characters you should admit. Plus, it is quite absurd, unfair and illogical to suggest that non-alphanumeric characters should be removed altogether to fix the problem. That's not the way to fix. There are countless non-alphanumeric characters on the name of the songs in the world and users' playlist and we can't edit every single title w/o that and ofc I really don't want to spoil the original title which has its own meaning. So I beg you or anyone who is responsible to notice and fix this problem. Here is the example without a special character you want.
  12. repost until this problem is recognized serious and get fixed
  13. Yes I'm not the only one so please fix this old and serious problem
  14. Make sure Album Artist tag is filled on Gold albums for each different artists. Don't blank that part and just fill Album Artist tag (same as artist name) Example: Artist - Boney M / Album - Gold / Album Artist - Boney M Artist - Tom Jones / Album - Gold / Album Artist - Tom Jones Hope it helps
  15. Poweramp v3-build-818-play Samsung Galaxy S8+ / Android 8.0.0 When I reboot app or stop playing and reopen app after few minutes, navigation bar doesn't mark the current song but instead the song which is placed first on All songs. I've thought this bug is VERY critical so I believed this would be fixed but it never had get fixed. To solve this problem I have to move to previous or next category. If I just move to another track then navigation bar still marks song list from All Songs. (Surprisingly when move to 2nd song from the album or any list, bar marks 2nd song from ALL SONGS) Please consider fixing this problem asap. This is the last and only thing bothering me since v3 update. Example: While playing Taxman I stop Poweramp or force app to be closed. (#1 pic) And open app, play and you can see navigation never mark the current song but the song placed first in All songs (in this case, the song called #)
  16. I put compilation album whose tracks has different album artist tags (but any other tags are all same) then album got split into pieces by album artist tag. I try them put in one album but I guess there is no option available for now. Is there no way to combine them except using same album artist tag? If not could you make it? (like ON/OFF Ignore different album artist tag and then combine)
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