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  1. Samsung S8+ Android 8.0.0 Oreo Alpha-build-703-play When I put earphone and play music automatically by function 'Resume on Wired Headset' The player on notification goes broken. Any buttons including exit button doesn't work and writings on display change to white so I cannot see what is played. Anyone help with this bothering problem this is a screenshot of malfunction
  2. Galaxy S8+ / Android 7.0 Nougat / alpha-build-703-play Assignment functuon in equailzer option doesn't work! In prior phone (Galaxy S4 LTE-A / Android 4.4.2 / alpha-build-703-play), when I put earphone on app plays automatically and simultaneously change equailzer setting and when in reverse, put it off, app stops and at the same time equalizer is changed to assigned option. IT REALLY WORKED WELL BUT NOT NOW Now, regardless of putting earphone on or off equailzer never happens to be changed. Also any other assignment options never work! Assingnment option that I set is (my own) Preset 1 for Wired Headset / Speaker (Loud) for Speaker this feature is so comfortable that I really liked it but I'm so sad it never works ANYONE GIVE SOLUTION PLZ.
  3. app version : alpha-build-703-play (officially bought) phone model : Galaxy S4 LTE-A / KitKat 4.4.2 tag encoding : Korean (EUC-KR) When 'f' and 'i' (only when small letter both) include in Album Title in a row Title goes left-justified automatically and the last letter of Title disappears! For example, title of Oasis' first album Definitely Maybe becomes... Definitely Mayb By undergoing trial & error (like deleting title from end to first, alphabet one by one) I found the cause of this error. It's all about 'f' and 'i'! You already know that Album title should be middle-justified. But only when, exactly 'f' and 'i' as small letter meet together the error occurs! Always! I can't fix it with internal option so I make a topic. This error occurs in not only Artist Album section but Album section and also folder name! I got screenshot for it so plz check it and let me know how to fix it.
  4. I want to see how long an album is. Now, we could only see time of each track, not time of whole tracks. Not specific time needed, just display minutes along the number of track. ex) Artist Album (or Album) The Artist - Album Title 12 songs, 45 min(ute)s .... Filter
  5. Please show running time of album in album page at least simple minute (ex: 10 songs, 48 mins) Simple change would make big comfort
  6. We need to press twice for seeing lyrics (Menu - Lyrics) I want to see lyrics easily... What I want is to add option that makes lyrics window pop with one tap on album art, like default music player on android. Please consider it carefully.
  7. There are 3 choices in Start Playing Queue option. ㅡ Immediately ㅡ After current song ㅡ After current list But I can't find 'Not playing queue' anywhere. Once I put some songs in queue, there is no choice not to play these songs. Sometimes I just want Queue for listing specific songs and not listening to... So please add Not playing queue option!
  8. I have a solution... You should make a small change into album title (ex. Dale's Mixz -> Dale's Mixz.) and put individual album arts into tracks so every track will have its own album art. (This progression have to be done by Computer, not Poweramp itself) And put one album art file that stands for your album and that you want to display on Album category thumbnail into folder where your music is (file name must be "Cover.jpg") and everything would be perfect, i guess