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Album Cover Art Issue


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Hello everyone, I use the latest version of Poweramp and love it.

I noticed a slight issue about album cover photos. When I'm in the "Albums" section of Poweramp and scroll down with my fingers, all cover arts load perfectly BUT some of them don't load when I press on the letters on the right side. They never load no matter how long I wait, and I should go down/up to make them load. I'll show an example:

When I search albums through the letters tab:



When this happens, I scroll down and come back up to make them load:

https://imgur.com/a/sA3fOld (I couldn't upload this one to forum, sorry)

Note that it has nothing to do with specific cover arts, it always happens randomly on random albums. Sometimes "X" cover art loads fine but "Y" doesn't, or vice versa. It always loads when I scroll by myself.



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1 hour ago, w3wilkes said:

Some questions...

Is your album art embedded in the music files or is it a separate file in the album folder like "Folder.jpg"?

What version is "latest version"?

What device and model (phone)?

What version of android?

Thank you for your answer. 

The album arts are not embedded, I downloaded them with Poweramp and they're in a Poweramp folder.

The latest version is v3 build 816, of course :)

I own an LG G4 and use a ROM called "H-ROM V30 PORT v2.2", it has Android 7.0.

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I too have separate cover art. One Folder.jpg for each album in the same folder as the album songs. My file structure is "<music root>/<artist>/<album>/<songs>" with the cover art in the same folder as the songs. My cover art always shows correctly. I have 1,600+ albums on a 256GB MicroSD card in my phone. Moto X4 - Android Pie - PA V3 -build 816.

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  • 2 years later...

I still experience this issue. If you open the artists/albums list and seek directly to a letter without swiping up/down at all,
only a few of the album covers now on screen will load in, the rest stay as placeholders. Once you swipe-scroll slightly, the rest start to load in, so it seems like seeking to a letter doesn't properly tell the album covers to load.

I have the albums and artists lists in 'grid - small' mode.

I'm on Poweramp version build-905-arm64-play, and Android 9.

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@Angus I can't replicate this issue on my device (well I did manage to once, by moving straight to 'Z' in the list when the final album cover didn't show until I scrolled the list up/down a little, but that's about it). I wonder if it's a caching / available memory issue? What device are you using?


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@andrewilley Thanks for taking a look! Hmm it doesn't reproduce for me all the time either, I'll watch out to see if I happen to be doing anything else when the bug happens, hopefully can find a reliable way to reproduce it...

I'm using a Oneplus5T on Android 9 stock rom, 8GB RAM, and 50GB out of 120GB space free

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