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  1. Thank you for your answer. The album arts are not embedded, I downloaded them with Poweramp and they're in a Poweramp folder. The latest version is v3 build 816, of course :) I own an LG G4 and use a ROM called "H-ROM V30 PORT v2.2", it has Android 7.0.
  2. Hello everyone, I use the latest version of Poweramp and love it. I noticed a slight issue about album cover photos. When I'm in the "Albums" section of Poweramp and scroll down with my fingers, all cover arts load perfectly BUT some of them don't load when I press on the letters on the right side. They never load no matter how long I wait, and I should go down/up to make them load. I'll show an example: When I search albums through the letters tab: When this happens, I scroll down and come back up to make them load: https://imgur.com/a/sA3fOld (I couldn't upload this one to forum, sorry) Note that it has nothing to do with specific cover arts, it always happens randomly on random albums. Sometimes "X" cover art loads fine but "Y" doesn't, or vice versa. It always loads when I scroll by myself.
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